Entry: Dental Scholarship Opportunities In The United States Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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It's no surprise that dental education these days can cost an arm and a leg. Even more so if you have siblings who are younger than you who want to go to the UK to study law. *cough cough*

A website called Scholarships Around The US offers Dental Scholarship Opportunities to those who are interested to study dentistry in the United States. However, this scholarship is only available to U.S citizens.(don't look at me like that, Reviewme.com IS a US based company after all) and having a PR in the US does not qualify you for the scholarship.

However, this nugget of an information could be of use if any of you have relatives or friends in the United States who are very passionate about a career in dentistry.

I think it is rather kind of the American Dental Association to offer $2,500 to students who are pursuing their 2nd year and are facing financial difficulties.

Do check out the American Dental Association's list of scholarships listed on the website. It will be a spark of hope for that future dentist US citizen friend of your's. Such an envious difference from the scarce dental scholarships here in Malaysia. (Only JPA so far, I think.). They even offer scholarships for research projects which include travel fees as well.

Dental Scholarship Opportunities focuses on helping out the academically inclined and the not-so-well to do students to pursue their dreams of becoming a dentist.

Notably, the United States has a vast variety of minority groups and they are, and should be treated as equals in the United States. Dental Scholarship Opportunities notices these groups of people and are giving eligible applicants the chance to apply for a scholarship from any one of their Minority Dental Scholarships listed on their website. 

The reason being that the United States would like to reach out to all the minority groups in the United States to improve their oral health. It's going to be difficult for an old Japanese lady when she hobbles into a dentist's office and not being able to tell the dentist exactly what is wrong with her teeth. Communication problems and all. Language is always a barrier. It's always a good idea to learn more languages as more communication = more money.

To name a few, there are the scholarships from Japanese American Citizen League, Chinese American Medical Society and Indian Health Service Scholarships. They also have the American Dental Association's Minority Scholarship Program. The United States really takes good care of their people.

*twiddles thumbs idly while waiting for a Malaysian Chinese Dental Student Scholarship to be set up in my homeland. But who am I kidding. Most Malaysian dental students, who are not on scholarship(and I assume JPA is the only one), are on the MAFA funds. MAFA stands for Mother Father study grant.

If you know of anybody who are studying dentistry in the University of Florida College Of Dentistry and  University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, ask them to head over to the website. There are School-specific scholarships over there. 


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