Entry: Bye Bye Jayelleenelial.blogdrive.com! Thursday, March 15, 2007

It has been a good 2 years and 10 months over here.

This entry would be my 623th and I'm leaving blogdrive. I thank you for all the fun and convenience(and the occasional server down times) that blogdrive has given me.

An avenue to be myself and maybe even become that someone I never really thought I could be before opening this blog.

A reason to keep in touch with friends.

A reason to make so many more friends.

A photoalbum filled with almost every waking moment of mine.

A journal that chronicled my thoughts, ideas, weirdness and experiences of sorts.


... I've enjoyed every single bit of blogging.



I guess it's time.









fooled ya, didn't I?

To commemorate this (grand) occasion, i'd like to hear a word or two from friends and silent readers alike in the comments about your earliest memory of me and my blog and REMEMBER TO CHRISTIAN THE COMMENT BOX OVER AT MY NEW BLOG TOO YEAH?

Do remember to change your links, but I'll be going around and bugging you lot too.



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September 28, 2006   01:42 AM PDT
Jayelle already knows but here it is anyway.
I searched "Nicholas Chan" and stumbled upon one of her earliest posts about teenage angst and shyness syndrome.
Been a fan since.

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