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Friday, December 01, 2006

Repvine - A Platform To Build Your Online Reputation

This is my very first review with! I'm very excited! So yeah, this is a sponsored post and I am supposed to review a website called Repvine. I wanted to do this review in my current blog because the traffic is much higher over there. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do the review in another blog since they clearly requested for this blog. I've linked a post from my current blog to this old blog, hoping to redirect the traffic.

 is a website which allows individuals and companies to display public references or even portfolios of sorts! does not require their bloggers to write positive reviews about their clients(the advertisers) but I think that Repvine is a brilliant idea.

With the amount of struggling freelancing photographers, webdesigners, writers and many other talents, it is quite difficult to be connected to the right clients and like wise, companies find great difficulty searching for the talents that they need to work on their projects.

It is basically a platform which allows you to market yourself in the best way possible. You can use it for any purposes at all! Everybody needs to be heard in one way or other and it is very difficult to infiltrate the correct audience/potential clients by means of the internet. It's not easy to rely solely on search engines to get your name out there.

With Repvine, it allows your potential client/audience to see what others think about you. You can do this by getting your contacts to become references for you. However, the downside of it is that you'll have to get your references to sign up with Repvine and only if you request for them to be a reference can they only contribute to your list of references.

Repvine is useful in the fact that you can connect with people in a very organised way. I guess you can call it an advertising medium of sorts. Everybody has something to market! Repvine opens a world of opportunities for anybody who has a web presence to make himself known in the right ways.

People usually create websites to provide more information about their services and their businesses. Some people have a business of some form(ie. a dental practice) but does not necessarily have a website to reach out to the potential clients(ie. patients). This is where Repvinecomes in. It aids this process.

Registering as a member is very easy and it is absolutely free! Repvine aims to build a community where people are better connected.

This is how your biography page looks like. Since the website is still in its Beta stage, the design of the website is slightly beyond par. They promise that it'll get better though!

For those who already have websites,Repvineprovides you with your very own Repvine seal which you can incorporate into your blogs, email signatures or even Myspace/Friendster profiles allowing effective marketing of you as an individual, be it for yourself or the benefit of your business.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Week 2: Tooth Carving and Ragging The Juniors

It's totally not like me to be ignoring my blog for so long but I now understand why those "night ghosts" have turned over a new leaf when they started clocking in 9-5 at work.

;( Mine is worse. 8.30-6pm leh.

There's just so much to do!!

You know, I want to blog but I'm currently listening to Beyonce's Irreplaceable on repeat and I can't recall what I wanted to write. It's like a mental block. Let me turn it off first.

The highlights of the week were my tooth carving classes and my junior ragging sessions. Yes, yes, no more lai si stories. OH! And also the discovery that I'm going to be an aunty soon!! I'm so happy! My grandmother is fortunate enough to be a great grandmother. Congratulations to my cousin Hong Fei and his wife Kwee Fong. I haven't even gotten over the fact that he is a married man and now this! Whee!!

Here's a sample of the juniors. Lie Yuen, Jamie, Wuan Phing and I went with SEVEN male juniors for dimsum last last Friday. Let's start from the guy next to Lie Yuen(in green) in an anti-clockwise motion: Adrian, Melvin, can'trememberhisname, Alex, Kelvin, Samuel, can'trememberhisname.

Chinese names are so difficult to remember.

See how much of effort I put in into planning my juniors' "orientation"(Ministry say cannot use the word ragging wor..). That's me carrying 10kgs worth of flour home.

Mix flour and water until consistency resembles sludge. Add green food colouring in and voila!!

Yeah, blendedincrediblehulk juice sisters.

I had so much fun trying out how gross I could make it look.

You might not be interested, but I just wanted to say that classes have been okay so far. It doesn't feel like a new year. Just an avalanche of material to cover.

I was really psyched when I found out that we would be doing tooth carving. Every student is given a block of wax and the dental technologist would demonstrate how to use the tools and then we'd take a false teeth and try to carve it according to the false tooth.

Sett gets to be in the photo because he was sitting opposite me. I didn't dare to point my camera elsewhere in case my lecturer scolds me.

One of the initial stages.

Yeap, we were to carve a canine out of that block of wax. With the correct slopes and depressions and stuff.

FINALLY we get to do something close to dentistry.

Ugh, bad quality of photos. Okay, I'm not going to give two hoots about eating up bandwidths anymore. If it makes ME happy, then that's enough. I'm not going to compromise with lower quality of photos just so everybody can load this blog faster.


The finished product. I'm so proud of my tooth. Been bringing around in a box showing everyone.(my mum, my brother, my dog, munteng, su-hsien, kwo kuang, least those I've met up with in Subang so far. Yahh I'm back in Subang. :))

Poh Yee loving her one as well.

Oh so dilligent.

I was having a good hair day on Friday. Thought I'd share.

I bought a lovely dress from a super ugly lala boutique in Central Square(in Sungai Petani). Thought I'd share this as well.

Oh, oh! While I was waiting for my mum to come and pick me up from Pudu, I saw some homeless bums spending the night on these benches. So poor thing;(


Preparing for the juniors' "Orientation" was a blast.

The seniors were divided into seven groups and each group was supposed to come up with a plan to 'bully' the juniors. I was in charge of my group and we decided on this:

1. We put pieces of papers containing actions-to-do into a tank of worms.
2. The actions are such as rolling like a sausage, do like a snowangel, swim like a jellyfish, do amoebic movements etc.
3. THe actions were to be done lying down on the floor.
4. Not just any floor, but a huge puddle of flour+water+green colouring=green sludge/slime.

After class on Tuesday, we went to the fish shop in town to select some fine worms;)

OOoooo. Nasty!

I thought the hamsters there were pretty adorable. They stood up for me! So sweet!

And so happened I managed to catch a shot of the hamster acting all hypnotised.

A beautiful glowing picture of Lie Yuen and our new pet(s).

The fish looks like a leng lui.

I felt compelled to take a photo with the worms before dumping them into the mini tank.

The look on my face is one of inquisitiveness.

They think they what ar?? Hokkien mee ar? Yuck!

Oh look. Worm slime. Gross.

Must lanci together with the worms too. But LOW quality picture again. Sigh.

L-r: Josiah, Lie Yuen and Brenda.

We set up the plastic bags to put the sludge upon. We were so clever.

Another group did this: dead fishes and rotten eggs in oyster sauce, sotong sauce and other sauces and water to add volume to it.

The juniors were supposed to roll over these.

And at the end of all those obstacles, they were to eat the bananas without their hands. NO HANDS, even to peel. Tsk.

Brenda and I mixing the flour and water. I look like a wash clothes Aunty.

L-r: Angela, Pei Zhi and Xin Yi were intrigued with the worms.

Look at my hand go!

Too much water.

We took a group photo on our hardwork.

l-r: Chwan Horng, Jimmy, Ah Thong, Maxis
guy in red: andy

L-r: Narjit, Fizah, Cze-Yin and Ee Chia

L-r: Steven, Ebby and Desmond.

l-r: Jeya, Praveena, Ananth

I was trying to bite their waterballons. Sick shit they are. Filled with mud water too. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

ee Chean and Maxis with the evening backdrop of the temporary campus.

Giving Praveena a kiss.

There are more where this came from. I'm sure you know how I am. Strangely, I don't want to put up photos unnecessarily to eat up bandwidth.

While waiting for the juniors, the entire class decided to camwhore with our dean. :)

We decided to lanci abit when the students arrived. Hahahaha. Acting only lorh.

The first game we decided to play on the juniors was to make them brush their teeth with toothpaste for two whole minutes(the ideal amount of time needed to brush your teeth). After making sure that their mouths were nice and foamy, we made them sing Negaraku.

Junior, I think her name is Gayathri.

I am not quite sure what's her name.. die la.

I think this is Yee Ling.

Amelia! Her brother is in the same class as her. Alex, as you will see later, is the class rep for the second batch.

This is Adrian. What I know about him is that he was from Stella Maris right up to form3 and then went off to India for four years. LOL. Who goes to India at form3?

I think that girl's name is Charisse or something.

That's what we want. nice and foamy.

Briefing took place in the auditorium.

The juniors listening intently.

The guy grinning at me is Alex.

Juniors digging into the worms. We were pretty disappointed because almost everybody dared to touch the worms.:(

That's 10kg of flour!

I can't remember the other girls' name but the two red girls in the middle are l-r: Gillian and Cassandra.

Chee Wen's group did a game where the participants were supposed to guess what they were touching. They had a hamster, worms, crickets etc.

Cze-Yin's group played an IQ test on the juniors. If they got the answer wrong then they would be doused in water.

Magesh's group did mud crawl/jump.

And then they threw Jimmy in. He complained that the starch got stuck all over his leg bulu.

Melvin and his extremely starched up body.

Some juniors.. let's see who I can name. Oops, only Alex and Adrian.

Look at the adorable hamster looking up at me!!

Ughhh..this tank contained chicken head, mud water, flour, eggs, dead fishes, the works.

Oi Leng!! I met her through blogs before she came. Hehehe.

And Alex, their class rep. 

The juniors had a fun time showering. One of the guys, whose name is Ken, was a state swimmer for Penang. He had such a solid looking chest that I found myself ternga-ngaing at his body. Then I looked back and saw almost all the girls in my class staring cock with their mouths gaping open. LOL damn funny.

Even Poh Yee said that she wanted to throw herself onto his naked chest. Hahaha. I laughed like mad.


Apparently Adrian is slightly afraid of worms.

After the entire mess, we had a senior-junior introduction. The seniors would say their names and where they are from and juniors who are from the state would cheer.

Slutting up while cleaning the area.

I wanted to help Jimmy get cleaned, but he thought that I was cleaning a little too much than required.

lie Yuen and I were saying that we were so happy that our entire class was so united.

After cleaning the entire basketball court up(I don't know if you can call it a basketball court. It was almost 200-300m in length), us seniors decided to adjourn to a mamak fo fill our tummies up. We went back AFTER 12am! hahahaha. Damnit, I felt so happening. -_-

Going home to clean my hair was NOT fun. Already it's damnnn tough for the bloody green starch to be plucked out, the water supply was cut at about 1am. Sigh. Luckily blow drying while combing helped to remove quite a bit of starch. NEVER AGAIN.

Once you get me started, you can't get me to stop. *Poseposeposeposepose*

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jolene Lai Lai Si

I'll probably have no friends left after putting this entry up.

On wednesday, Brenda and I went to Tesco to have some good ol' KFC. Lovely chicken, they have always been.

We then went into Tesco because she wanted to get some stationary for the new academic year. I went off on my own to buy a new tv ariel, a couple of mathematical box sets(we need it for tooth carving next week!) and an adapter.

While browsing through the tv ariels, I felt this intense pain in my stomach.

I HATE it when this happens. It just comes suddenly and totally knots my tummy up. I had to go the bathroom immediately.

I found Brenda at the tissue department, dumped my things in her trolley and told her, "Wei, stomach ache. Cannot tahan..You wait for me here ok? Very fast one!"

Then she said, "Harh!? Why suddenly one???"

I told her, "Happens lah." and grabbed a 12-pack toilet roll (tesco value!) and ran off to the counter, leaving a laughing Brenda behind.

The tissue paper was RM2.99. The guy took his time to work his cash register. He punched a few buttons on the cash register, waited for the cash register to er..register, rang the cash register and picked out ONE CENT from the cash box and tore the receipt and handed it to me. I was in absolute pain.

So I walked briskly to the toilet which was like, 50metres away.

I felt a gurgle in my tummy and then a dull intensified pain.

Perhaps a fart would do me good. It always makes me feel better. Lessen the tension in the tummy.

Alright. So i farted.

.... somehow, the fart wouldn't stop.

Imagine my horror ok?

It was no longer a fart. It just went on and on and I had to stop myself!

I grabbed on to my ass, just in case anything falls out and covered my ass with the huge pack of toilet roll just so that the public can be saved from the gruesome sight that was my colourised pants.

Somemore I was wearing that damn short stripey shorts that I wore in the pic in the post below. DAmnit!

So I continued walking LIKE THAT all the way to the toilet, not giving a shit(haha!) to how I must've looked - hands cupping the ass, toilet roll held behind.

I burst into the cubicles(and that was not the only thing that burst). Luckily for me I've got a plastic bag after buying that large packet of toilet roll.

Thank god it wasn't much as it was mostly water. And water gets absorbed.

Yes, thank you for being my friend. Have a good life.

I had to sms Brenda.

first message

second message

third message

Brenda's reply.

My next message.

her next reply. My savior!!


I HAD to tell Lie Yuen what happened. It was too funny not to. This was meant to be read in the most monotonous tone one can ever muster. You know? Like deadpanning.

Hahahaha. How we laughed when we came home.

"So you throwed away your old panties and your shorts?" Brenda asked as we were leaving tesco.

"Er... it's too pretty to throw away. I can't possibly find another pair of stripey shorts. I hope you don't mind that I've put it in a plastic bag and hung it on the side of your car door.." I said sheepishly.

"O_o!! Cha tou!" was Brenda's reply.

And it didn't fly off as we were driving. I went home and washed it straight away and it's damn clean okay.

Now, do I still have friends left?! You know Jolene, always telling her stupid stories to make people happy, right right right?

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