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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Batch 3 Of Sweet Bachelors

Editted at 12.49am 15/5/06:
Nobody has the rights to tell me that the quality of my bachelor posts are bad. You come here, and gush about how cute wheoever is if you have to. But don't come bitching to me in real life or MSN saying things like how I should intro/scout more desirable/badboy/hunky/rich types for you to oggle.

These are my friends, and this is all in jest. If you like eye candy, then come here and have some. If say, strawberry ginger chicken floss type of candy is not your taste, then shut up before I bitch slap you to the other side of the moon. Irritating betul.

Even though I may joke about things like, "Eh, I have new stock" or "I charge by the hour..."..... but please don't delude yourself that this is some service that I have been indebted to provide you with lah. Demanding for extravagantly high quality and all. It's just... FOR....laughs.....

Oh, and I don't do girls. It's just not cute for a girl to pimp a girl. To quote Phua Chu Kang:
"Man touch woman is called molest, woman touch man is called syok,".

And Jolene also wants to add a quote:
"And woman touch woman is called sien." To me lah. I know got boys like girl on girl action right. Sorry ar, me no cater to that variety of taste.

See the rationale?

And guys? I will pimp you if I'm the one who asks you for your permission. I've accepted requests from people close to me because, well they are close to me. *hugs those who are close to me* If I don't know you very well.. it's just not fun to pimp lah. But from now on, requests are closed. My email address is solely for obtaining more information on my sweet bachelor boys.


I'm sorry if I've been playing dangle-the-carrot-in-front-of-the-bunnies for too long, but I need to wait for the enthusiasm to settle in before I attempt another post right? I've been scouring high and low for my single guy friends. And some friends even requested to be pimped. Whoever who requests get their mugs up first.

What I'm trying to do is just to put your everyday-boy-next door type out to the market and highlight things about them that I've noticed. It's fun because I know these boys, and I know them well. Though some I've only known for awhile, I try my best to highlight that sweet little something that all girls desire in their ideal guy.

However, no pimptress photos this time around. :P I left my hat back in Kedah so the effect just won't be the same without it. Next round there'll be photos of your lovely pimptress..and business has been VERY GOOD. I've even bought myself a shawl to go with the whole Lady Mafia Boss look. Hahaha.

Yee Hou got the ball rolling(just like Calvin in the previous post) so his face will get to go up first.;)

Tan Yee Hou is a 19 year old business student in Monash Malaysia. However, I've only known him for less than a month but I'll try to highlight what I have observed. Eager, sweet and willing, the perfect candidate to tie up in bed get to know. Hehe. As far as I know, he is not those ugh-i'm-not-talking-to-you-plain jane arrogant types. These breed of men is fast disappearing from the face of the Earth.  

Can you help him?

For more information on Yee Hou..
Please email me at with the subject: Tantalizing Tan Yee Hou

I need more men.

So I scrolled through my MSN list and frantically messaging a handful at a go, "OEI STILL SINGLE KE..?".. lol. What a way to start off conversations. Tsk, tsk. Some tact.

Victim number 1:

Miss Lai: matttttyyyeeeeeeewwww *NUDGE*
Matthew: hie hiee!  lol sorry, your nudges are ineffective, muahahaha being single  
               is no crime. *pokes*
Miss Lai: Are you still single?! Question! Hahaha Answer me!!
Matthew: Well yea, no want ones.
Miss Lai: LOL Bullshit, if I am single, you'd be in trouble. Listen. Go read my blog.
Matthew: *whinnnes*
Miss Lai: I want to pimp you as a sexy bachelor on my blog.
Matthew: What's that? Pardon my ignorance. Riggght... that's not gonna work.
               *pokes you again* wah you gave them all little nicknames.
Miss Lai: Yeah, you'll get yours too. M.... mm.. I'll think of something. Magnificient
               Matthew or Magical Matthew.
Matthew: Ceh wah! I wait, not the magical one.

Matthew Ong Yi Khai. 21 years old Mass Communication student in Taylor's College Petaling Jaya and is currently doing his internship with NTV7. A lad who appreciates the finer things in life, the finer music, the finer wine,...the list goes on. Did I mention that he sings extremely well? He was the voice coach for the cast of Taylor's College's Society of Performing Arts' 2004 Production: Hip Hopera. Some of you may have heard of The ComeBackKings. They played a huge role in putting up Hip Hopera for the masses. Matthew is down to earth, a very very important criteria.

With camwhoring abilities such as these, his photography skills are amazing as well.
Hop over to his blog to see more photos! (His link can be found on my side bar).

I like the fact that he is humble and is always eager to be friendly to you.
Confession on my part: I was the make up artist for Hip Hopera 2004 and Matthew had a part in the play. So I thought he was damn cute and decided to do his make up. At the same time, I took the opportunity to molest his face because I had to "uh, smudge the blusher abit more.." and caressed his cheeks and chin and nose........didn't wanna wash hand after that. Wakakakkaa.

And com'n, who can resist a guy with a sense of humour?!

For more information on Matthew..
Please email me at with the subject: MAGICAL Matthew. (HAHAHA, I win, matthew. As it is MY blog after all.)

Victim/Sweet Bachelor Number 2:

Miss Lai: Korkorbear!!! Are you still single?!!
Dennis: Hey Joeybear..Yea why?
Miss Lai: YAYY..
Dennis: You not in single club also why you yay?
Miss Lai:can I pimp you on my blog? I've gotten Josh in on it too. I'm looking
              for nice single guy friends.
Dennis: Wtf?!
Dennis: Wtf what do you mean pimp? You wanna pimp your KKB?!!
Miss Lai: hahaha haiyo go see my blog la
Dennis: How can you do this to me?
Miss Lai: It'll put a smile on the other bears' faces.(We are part of one happy bear family. Long story.)
Dennis: LOL Jo jo jo jo are really something special. Yeah, it's a good
             laugh. .....BUT I DON'T WANNA BE A GOOD LAUGH!!! Lol..okok la do
             whatever you want. You want my pic ar?
Miss Lai: HAHAHA..I want i want.. YAY. I make the girls so so happy. Sexy Dennis.

Dennis Chan Fong Hoong.A 22 year old who is just fresh out from ACCA(professional accounting course.. no matter how many times he explains it to me, it still goes out my other ear). This guy is like the big brother I never had. I used to have SO MUCH respect for him(not that I've ever stopped respecting him) that I never dared to do my dirty jokes on him.. hahaha it's a whole different story now though. Popular, smart, sincere... heck, he was a LIVING legend in my primary school. Being the head prefect of SRSS19 back in 1996, this little puny 9 year old student was already in awe of The Dennis Chan Of SRSS19 Subang Jaya.

Reliable, street smart, the perfect gentleman, the perfect son in law......

There is NOT a single mother/grandmother in my gang of friends that is not madly in love with him. I am serious. Melody's grandmother is a good example for one.

To add to the effect, I interviewed my own mother.

Me: Mum, what do you think of Dennis?
Mum: Obedient...well mannered..pleasant.

Did you know that he had a modelling stint once? *snigger snigger together-gether with Melody who had an Internship with Seventeen*
Many thanks to Miss Tham Wai Ping for the photo!! (She was the only one online at 1.30am who seemed most likely to collect every issue of Seventeen Magazine.:P We love girly magazines!! My copy is back in I had to ask her to help me out.:))

I don't know about you, but being funny is so so so important in a guy. If you're not funny, please go die. :) But so far all the guys I've pimped are fun and funny. Hence they get pimped, because, they're worth it. :)

For more information on Dennis,
Please email me at with the subject: Divine Dennis

Victim/Sexy Bachelor 4:

Miss Lai: Shall I Pimp You?!?!
Guan Lim: Hello.
Miss Lai: Hello? Can I pimp you?
Guan Lim: What's the matteR? I just pangsai-ed. What pimp? You are selling
                 bachelors ar?
Miss Lai: Hahaha ya. Are you one?
Guan Lim: Yea I'm one. What are you gonna write about me? I've only met you like
                 three times. Aren't you gonna interview me first or something?
Miss Lai: Okayyyeee...what are you studying? What are your qualities? How would
               you please a woman?
Guan Lim: hahahha..your new blog idea is so wtf. What else you want to know? I
                 was born on the 29th of October 1986..
Miss Lai: Haiyo no need so detailed lah. What are your qualities? What are your
               promises to a woman?
Guan Lim: My philosophy is like buddhist. Promise nothing therefore deliver
                 everything. Not like *not good to say other people's religion*, promise
                 everything and deliver nothing.
Miss Lai: Hahahahha set.
Guan Lim: If you're gonna write about me, it has to be goddamn fucking long.
Miss Lai: *rolls eyes*
Guan Lim: If not wasted all my effort of being sold. Ok more questions pls.
Miss Lai: Cis. I invite you dah kira honoured lah! Bising!! Okay, what are you 
               looking for in a girl?
Guan Lim: My dream girl? Oh well I'm a sad case person. When lighting strikes, I'll
                 like that someone for a long long time. The girl who can make me smile.
                 The girl who can make my heart beat damn fast, is who I am looking for.
Miss Lai: Okay, great.
Guan Lim: More questions please. my profile not half done also.

Ng Guan Lim is a 20 years old economic and finance student in Hong Kong University in well, Hong Kong! HONG KONG! Whoever goes to beautiful Hong Kong to study? Some people are just so lucky. Eloquent, articulate and talkative are definitely qualities you would find in Guan Lim. As you can tell from the above conversation script, he is a big ngam cham. hahaha.
If you're worried about silent moments or awkward gaps in conversation, this fella can fill them up with his various stories.

Like there was once when I bumped into him at my local hair salon, and he sat next to me (while I was getting my hair washed) and entertained me with all his Hong Kong anecdotes. LOL.

Guan Lim is a well mannered, well spoken young fella.

This is his current hairstyle by the way. The whole Shaolin Monk thing must be something hot in Hong Kong now.*pimptress is NOT in touch with Hong Kong fashion*

For more information on Guan Lim,
Please email me at with the subject as: Gimme Guan Lim

ALRIGHT folks, sorry for the long wait. I have like another 4-8 more bachelors to pimp. So, I'll be back. In the mean time I hope to post more personal posts too.:P

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 6:26:58 am

May 17, 2006   02:41 AM PDT
YI KAI: haha. my parents are mr and mrs yap! dad is yap chong poih if that helps. we had some seafood dinner in klang last year together i think but ur bro wasn't there. nope..not in singapore. i'm in nottingham! cannot remember lehh =p

jolene: actually i did play with him. he was the captain of our spaceship steering skillfully. haha. to be honest, i used to have a crush on his bro when i was young =p. oops!
May 16, 2006   09:52 PM PDT
ROFLll.. reading the comments tickles me even more. hahahahha
May 16, 2006   04:18 PM PDT
kristine: nah, dunwant to pimp girls;D lol it is STILL my blog..what dating agency all:P

c.ho: LOL... dunwant to charge lah. doing out of good will:P

apple_pie: ehe.. sorry yeh. I don't quite like bad ass guys. try somewhere else:)

brenda: sorry darling:) only guys.

may: lol because they are waiting for nice girls like u:D

sush: hahahha see that's why i like to pimp guys i know. to get reaction from my own friends and we'll have a good laugh.

juniorbunny: LOL *fans myself*..ahhaha damn funny;D go stalk him yeah! ganbate!!

mizzvickz: LOL got extension of a pimp ka?

li-lynn: hahaha eh i've met his bro before once.. :D yea! cute and friendly too! :D so lucky hor u knew matty as a child;D got play with him ?

suelynn: will do:)

kailin: hope to bring somemore:D :D

yeehou: ahha cis! tak malu! and you're supposed to pay for the date! apa FNB all. tsk tsk.

matty: "...and girls, as you can see, he is a VERY modest person. I forgot to add. We love an ego-less guy! *heart**heart!*"

May 16, 2006   02:42 AM PDT
Jolene: *gyaaaaa!* lol!! *malu-nya* Wish I really was half the things you said I was Jo!lol and u *had* to have that pic of my nose flaring atop my pouted mouth *pokes*How does that heeelp lol! it feels...odd to be uh. "pimped" :P

Sush: *POKES*had it coming!;)

Li-lynn: Oh? who are your parents? am terribly curious to know:P You're not studying in Singapore are you?
Yee Hou
May 15, 2006   10:18 PM PDT
Wargh... no one say im cute :(
But then yay!!! I've been pimped. Charges from RM200 per hour, exclusive of F&B and gifts.
sorry Jolene I forgot to give you this info.
kai lin
May 15, 2006   01:35 PM PDT
MATTHEW!!! omg... pengsan. he's hot.
another amazing pimptress post.
May 15, 2006   06:09 AM PDT
Hahahahahah. MATT~!! you're Hot stuff. *grin*
*dashes off before I get a poke*
May 15, 2006   05:37 AM PDT
OOoo.. bachelor #2, me likey =D

hehe.. like what you've done here. way cool! keep 'em comin' babe ;)
May 15, 2006   03:02 AM PDT
HEY! i know matthew ong! actually i know him as yi kai. and i knew him since he was a kid. his parents are my parents' friends. oooh, hot stuff =p

i heard from my MUM that his bro yi jay is hot too, jolene! someone new to pimp. haha~
May 15, 2006   02:23 AM PDT
oops didn't realize that my laugh was so long :P

now that i've gotten over laughing, i shall state my honest opinion on guan lim. hehe.

guan lim is superrrrr eligible. he's funny, nice, talented- can play the guitar very well, sweet, smart and bla bla bla the list goes on. ..

faster grab him while u can girls ;)
May 15, 2006   01:58 AM PDT

omg. i can't stop laughing... at GUAN LIM..sorry guano if u're reading this.. :P

and ooh.matthew is cute. hehe.
May 15, 2006   12:30 AM PDT
i first saw matt on my first day of college. i thought he looked quite cute. then i saw him during orientation toting around that gorgeous slr camera of his. freaking hot wei. *fan myself* hey matt, you've got yourself a freshie fan. *grin*
May 14, 2006   09:21 PM PDT
Hahahahahahahhahaha. SOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteee~!! :) Job well done in pimping Dennis and Matt. ;)
Matt, if you're reading this, you'd still better make time for me in summer even if you have TONS of dates lined up due to this! :P
Dennis, looking good. ;)
May 14, 2006   08:39 PM PDT
phew, boyfriend's not here today

*stares dreamily at pics*

i canot make up my mind between matthew and dennis.

and how can they still be single???
Yee Hou
May 14, 2006   06:32 PM PDT
When I first saw you coming online after one of your 'pimp' posts, I was only greeting you with 'pimp me!!'. I didn't think you'll really do it. Girls..Come to daddy...
nyum nyum
May 14, 2006   02:20 PM PDT
hey jo...matthew ong is HOT. i think hez probably your hottest bachelor so far...i can't believe hez still single! unbelievable. yea you shud pimp girls too....PIMP ME! lol
May 14, 2006   01:21 PM PDT
jayelle..i wanna all of them lor...can ah? lolz
actualy hor, i like rich and educated guys but wif badass gangsta look...anyone? lolz
May 14, 2006   11:49 AM PDT
*shakes head*.. i thought it wouldn't be as funny.. but .. i still ended up laughing. hehehhehe.. i guess it's the way you pimp them. hahaha.. funnyyy..

hahaha.. omgosh. jolene you should start charging ppl to advertise for them.. but then again.. ur blog will become a .... dating websit 0.0!!hahaha.
May 14, 2006   11:37 AM PDT is a VERY interesting series.

like a whole dating website, but with all the details tht them websites won't give =)

u should pimp the gals u know =P

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