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Friday, May 05, 2006

More Sweetheart Bachelors For Your Pickings

Editted at 12.03am on 6/5/06: Hahahahha.... Exotic E-guy, Dashing Daniel/Kwo Kuang, Kinky Kay Hong and Yummy Yijin were right. Their faces really can help raise my hits man!!
Today's hits recorded 463 unique hits and 623 pageloads!! LOL.
*for those who do not understand..Unique is the Number of DIFFERENT IP addresses viewing my blog. I always like to believe it as 463 PEOPLE viewing it. (I can get delusional sometimes.. it could be myself viewing it hour, after hour.) and Pageloads means the amount of time the refresh button has been pressed. It's not my highest lah(highest was 1700 unique hits when Kenny Sia pimped and 800 unique when Minishorts pimped me), but these days, business slow, so anything more than my satisfactory average of 400 unique I also happy liao.
And of course Chivalrous Calvin, Wild Weng Lum, Dashing Daryl and Charming Chun Leen helped spike the hits as well.

More pickings tomorrow:)


It all started with Calvin demanding to me on MSN, "EYYyy!! Don't I get one of those free bachelor advertistments?! Don't I?!!"

So I thought..hahaha ah what the heck, and decided to find some nice photos of him and do this sweet single guy a favour.

Thought I should at least look the part of a pimptress. Yeah, nice hat I know. I needed a new hairband and I can never resist stupid things. Hence.

*flexes fingers* Now..

The ever so dashing, single and AMBIGUOUSLY available Calvin Ho Voon Chan is currently pursuing his second year as a Business student at Help University, majoring in marketing. This 20 year old lad who hails from Damansara Jaya, as I have observed(No, I am not the one on the receiving end.. but I won't go into details, must respect people's privacy), is quite the gentleman every girl is searching for. He would be the type who will treat you like a princess whenever he is by your side. He is selfless, unsissy and non-egoistic. As described by a fan friend of his.

I can guarantee you that he knows how to put a smile on your face and if you're the lucky lady who gets an invitation to live happily ever after with him, you'll get the marriage proposal of your dreams. He'll probably be one of those who will film the whole proposal while doing something really really romantic. *sigh*
For more information on Calvin..
Email me at, with the subject: Chivalrous Calvin.

A'right, the following victims of mine have been recruited by me. But no worries girls, I only pimp the ones sans emotional baggage. Better for the business you see.

Lok Weng Lum, as you can see, moves with high society. At 19 years of age, he has elegance, charm and the amazing ability to bitch WITH you about anything under the sun. Perhaps one of the few remaining guys who has no problems reading girls' minds. I can tell, I have the gift, you see. Most guys get a slap on their heads for being "Ugh, men", but Weng Lum has the gift to communicate with women you see.Not just all that sweet talk bullshit but actual things that you can relate to. It's a rare trait to find in men.

And I think it says it all when I tell you that he loves children. Especially your children.
For more information on Weng Lum..
Email me at, with the subject: Wild Weng Lum

I know you want more.

Daryl Seow Li Sheng. This 20 year old car enthusiast is currently under a scholarship with Mercedes Benz and is a Mercedes Benz technician. Just how many little boys get to fulfill their dreams? (Safe for Yummy Yijin the pilot in my previous post). This guy has a heart of gold and is a perfect candidate for those of you who are looking for a strong, solid and long lasting relationship.

Don't mind that beautiful girl there, she's just a friend. A friend of mine as well, ehehe, that's Gaya by the way.
Daryl is sweet, funny and talks alot of cock but that's what fun is all about right? He has an extremely big heart and is able to love you whole heartedly, just like how a woman should be treated.
For more information on Daryl..
Please email me at, with the subject: Dashing Daryl

No? Still fussy?

Allow me to present to you the final candidate of the four... a friendly 19 going on 20 year old Johor boy called Chun Leen. He was Chee Kiang's room mate when they were studying in Temasek Junior College, Singapore together under their ASEAN scholarship. So do not worry girls, he is a brilliant boy, your parents will LOVE him. Besides, he is INDIRECTLY Jolene-trained. High quality stuff.

Since Chee Kiang is my boyfriend, and Chun Leen was his room mate and hence CKs good habits might have been instilled in Chun Leen as well.

He hopes to do Law in the National University of Singapore and I'm sure he'll be a fantastic lawyer at that. His best quality is that he is an extremely friendly person and fun loving as well. Works well for a first date, don't you think? And of course, subsequence dates till you live happily ever after.
For more information on Chun Leen..
Please email me at with the subject: Charming Chun Leen.

Till the next round of cheeky single boys who have given me permission to pimp them in such a manner.
By the way, I only find it entertaining to pimp my own friends. LOL, I don't care if it doesn't entertain you, as long as it entertains me. And maybe, hopefully, someone actually takes these pimpages(I created that word, yes) seriously and sends in an email requesting for more information on the boys. Ehehe.

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 1:39:47 am

May 16, 2006   04:17 PM PDT
LOL!!!! still can forward to them right even if I don't have a voting booth up? ekekeke
:D they'll be so proud!!
thanks for dropping by!!:D what a small world.
Sam =)
May 15, 2006   10:51 PM PDT
Ny brother Calvin Ho Voon Chan...
MUAHAHAHA... good job Jolene!!!
You should really start a voting booth "Who's the next Jolene Lai's eligible bachelor" contest. I'll make sure every single cousin, aunt, uncle, neighbour, neighbour's neighbour gets to this site.
He needs some BETTER pictures to justify his looks though. Lemme know if you need more. I've got plenty to go round... =)

The sister...
May 13, 2006   08:12 PM PDT
the other kenny: ahhaa..moonlighting..moonlighting.

chloe: ahha..i charge by the hour.:P

jo: haha, so, which night are you free?

may: hahaha.. come back again when the boyfriend's not around. got new stock coming in.

=): just their friendship. corny, i know. lol:D
May 13, 2006   07:30 PM PDT
OMG! How much are they paying you? LoL
May 12, 2006   05:49 PM PDT
*looks around*

the boyfriend's not looking!

Chun Leen's the best!

oops, boyfriend's back

*closes the comment box*
May 11, 2006   01:10 AM PDT
calvin gets my vote!

looks like somebody that i would date!

cute (^_^)
the other kenny
May 8, 2006   09:41 PM PDT
walao, change career liao ar? XD
May 8, 2006   03:50 AM PDT
xiao: ahha everybody's such a chicken. Buakkk buakkk..

swee: eheh more to come.

baltothecat: eh:D my men ain't you shouldn't be too!

smalls: ahhaha.. aiyoyo.. :) lost one potential client. haha

c.ho: *shakes head*

liz: ahhaha you can be the first...:)
May 8, 2006   01:31 AM PDT
haha! amusing post! you make a good pimpstress :p do u really get random emails from girls all over the blogosphere asking about 'em? hehe
May 8, 2006   01:12 AM PDT
ROFL.. now THAT is a whole different case.
May 7, 2006   04:52 PM PDT
all too young for me :(
May 7, 2006   03:13 PM PDT
May 7, 2006   11:57 AM PDT
i really wonder if people actually email you for info and stuff... lol!

cute =P
May 7, 2006   01:33 AM PDT
luzzio: ahha.. of course!

zue: ehehe thanks!!:)

leech: ahhaha yeah it's time i brought about the real men...

liz: LOL he is sooo happy u said that. :D lol, aiyoh...Rm1 cannot make money

bulat: ahhaha.. yeahla. be my guest man:D

krsitine: ehehe yeah u should get in touch with him.

khong: ahah.. HEY FELLOW BACHELOR!

c.ho: LOL they BISINGED about wanting their faces up. lol..they are all camwhores;D
May 7, 2006   01:08 AM PDT
your friends bising meh? but then they get free publicity wat!
May 6, 2006   11:17 PM PDT
i think daryl looks hot. i support own friends
May 6, 2006   04:11 PM PDT
same primary school. SSP aka SK Sri Petaling in Section 14

Think last I saw him was in primary school :P which is eons agon
May 6, 2006   04:58 AM PDT
hahahahah So i do sense a lil glimpse of hope somewhere? *shineshine*

omg this is so ridiculous...refreshing your blog at 3am in the mornin!!~__~
May 6, 2006   02:12 AM PDT
Ahahaha, I like Calvin! His smile is a million-dollah one :D

ps. I think you can start charging $1 for contact details =P

May 5, 2006   11:34 PM PDT
highly amusing.
May 5, 2006   10:45 PM PDT
Giant Sotong: hahahhaha you make spoil la or else i'd have an entire comment page full of girls. :D maybe..maybe..

aud: hahahaha after i recruit alot of guys first. he damn happy u said that. hahahaha

kristine: hahaha more to come in the future i same school?? and when was the last time u saw him?

kailin: LOL bought from some jewelry store in tesco:D cute lehh! actually got rabbit ears..shud have bought that hor?

shuen: ahhaha more to come no worries. i hope the amount of single guy friends i have doesn't run out.

brenda: ahah.. i'll have more coming up! no worries.. ehehhee .. i *Might* wear it to class one of these days. Wonder if that fucker Dharma will say anything to me?:D

li-lynn: ahhaha.. EH not cute..supposed to look like mafia Lady boss!! hahaha yesyes..more to come1!

bulat: lol i think i'll use it as an MSN display pic;D
hahahahha I KNOW for a fact that CALVIN likes older women!! damn shud have put that down.:D
May 5, 2006   09:39 PM PDT
Omg...your pimptress look is priceless!! : D

and the guys all look so promising fact too good to be true. Lolz. sad im a teeny bit older..~ bah..~_~
May 5, 2006   05:19 PM PDT
HAHAHA. jolene, everytime i see your pimptress pic i literally laugh out loud, esp with the caption 'i know you want more'. AHAHHA!! u look so cute =)

anyway ur bachelor posts are VERY interesting...I LIKE! ;p

i agree with shuen. more more!
May 5, 2006   03:08 PM PDT
hey jo...u look really cute with that party hat! by the way...any MORE guys to add on? the law guy looks promising ;)
May 5, 2006   01:58 PM PDT
haha.. this is FUN!! get to ogle at guys' pix on jolene's page!! more!! MORE!!

eh, i like your pimptress photo!! haha.. kinda reminds me of that lady from kung fu hustle!! hehehee
kai lin
May 5, 2006   01:44 PM PDT
haha ohmygod damn funny can die. your pimptress hat is damn cute!
tell me when you get CL fan of course you'll get it. tell me how many thousands. i want to see chun leen get a nice girl!
May 5, 2006   11:51 AM PDT
the whole Jolene's most eligible bachelor's thing would be highly amusing =)

Calvin sounds different from when I knew him back in primary skool =P
May 5, 2006   03:44 AM PDT
WOOT chun leen is the most eligible leh!

maybe you should have a jayelleenelial top 50 most eligible bachelors contest XD
Giant Sotong
May 5, 2006   03:09 AM PDT
There is going to be a Pimped by Jayelle button soon, I hope 8-)

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