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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What I Might Blog About: At Age 26

2 July, 2013:

I've finally handed in my resignation letter at the lab where I have been working at ever since I graduated. The plan was to gain experience at cosmetic giants and come up with my own line of cosmetics. Life's good at the moment since I have all the contacts. It was good doing all that networking.

Last night, The Boyfriend took me out to one of the fancier eateries near my workplace. I felt that the offer was a little strange as we're both victims of the urban lifestyle, spending more than we can afford and have recently vowed to cut back to safe for a better future.(Haha!) But he insisted and I will not say no to good food.

I did ask him what the special occasion was and he had this playful smile on.

I thought to myself, Shit, is this the day? Omigod. He is going to ask me to marry him. Am I ready for this? Is this it?! This can't be it. IS HE THE ONE?!

I regained my composure and tried to act nonchalant.

We arrived at the restaurant and I felt abit out of place in my work clothes. If tonight was the night he was going to ask me to marry him, why didn't he send me home to change into something nice? I consoled myself by thinking perhaps he prefers it to be spontaneous. Fair enough, fair enough.

We took the window seats which had a view of the city by night. I've always been a sucker for a beautiful skyline. Especially with the lights, somewhat glittering.

This is almost perfect, I thought.

I tried looking at him to see if he was giving away anything, any body language that I can immediately decode.

The maitre d' brought a bottle of red wine and my eyes widened in shock, I hissed, "We're trying to save here, aren't we?".

He ignored me and nodded his approval and the maitre d' came back with a couple of wine glasses. After the maitre d' left, he cleared his throat and said, "Uh, Jolene, I think you should know that I've been meaning to do this."

I choked on my red wine and I felt a little bit go up my nostrils.

He reached into his pocket and my heart thumped a thousand beats per minute. I held my breath as he pulled out - Oh, it was his handphone. And there I was thinking it would be a red velvet box. He went off to take the call and I looked out the window.

I was having the jitters. I'm so old already, it's time. How can I be having the jitters?!

The Boyfriend came back from his phone call and he gave me one of his smiles that I loved so much.

"Where were we?" he asked as he took another sip from his glass.

"Something about me knowing you've been meaning to be doing something lah..." I trailed off.

"Ah.. erm, I was thinking, we've been doing this thing..(he gestures between the both of us) for quite a while. I, uh, believe we should take this to the next level," he reached over for my hand.

"ALL THIS OVER ONLY WINE?!" I squeaked a little too loudly. Inside I was screaming, hello!! Where're the roses and the ring? THE RING GODAMMNIT.

"Uh, is there something else that I should do ah?" he looked puzzled.

"I DON'T KNOW LEH. What do you think, huh?" I was getting bitter.

"Uh...o-kayy. Nevermind, can I just get on with my question?" I don't believe this.

He continued, "Do you think it'd be wise for us ...Uh, are you ok, Jo??"

Perhaps the colour on my face went two shades lighter.

"...er, ya.... go..on.", I stuttered.

"Will you come live me and my parents?" he rushed those words out and took another sip from his glass.

I shook my head and said, "What..?"

"Live with me. And my parents. I believe we are at that stage where we should try this whole live in thing already."

I honestly did not know whether to laugh or cry. I'm not sure if I am ready to give up the comfort of my own bed. AND THERE I WAS THINKING ABOUT MARRIAGE. *smacks head*.

"Uhm, I don't know, dear..wouldn't I be imposing on your parents? Can't we wait till we get our own place?" I tried talking some sense into him.

"I don't know..just that my parents okay-ed the idea, and they were pretty keen," he sighed.

I did not give him a definite answer that night as I wasn't sure if I'd like to move in with his parents. I mean, they ARE nice and all but hello, too much of a good thing is ALWAYS a bad thing.

Come to think of it, if I don't try it I'll never know. Hm, perhaps I should give it a try. It's good to challenge ourselves every once in awhile. I will miss my own bed though.:(

*This post is fictional. I've decided that when I am bored, I will spew out fictional entries that I might blog when I'm older and am still in the blogging scene. None about the next 5 years. Don't want to keep my hopes up about anything or jinx anything. There will be more to come. I'm looking forward to writing about the one when I'm supposed to be 72 years old.

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 4:09:22 am

June 30, 2005   10:18 PM PDT
Jeremy: the disclaimer at the bottom too small for your eyes?!!

June 30, 2005   05:12 AM PDT
narrowband; lol if i'm to get married now OF COURSE i'll be scared!!!!

elaine: hahaha.. will be trying to write a good one!!

sheen: lol, that's the idea:)
June 30, 2005   04:15 AM PDT
haha...when u r 26, will u refer back to this post?
June 30, 2005   03:58 AM PDT
haha, jolene, you're so cute!! very imaginative! i also can't wait to read your 72-year-old supposed self , haha!
June 29, 2005   10:44 PM PDT
thinking about marriage at the age of 18. not bad... not bad... i thought it'd be a scary experience for any gurl :p
June 29, 2005   10:40 PM PDT
jason: lol i will never stay with in laws unless they need to be taken care off. heck i even have my own parents la:) and hehehe, i suppose it's only natural.:P

vivien: haha thank u for your faith in me..:D let's see where this goes.

killuminati: Lol! that'd be too cliche! don't want to break my own heart, would I?

lynee: haha stay tune then. don't know when I'm coming up with that though.

bawangmerah: you heard it from me.;)

expectation: LOL no no break ups. don't want to curse myself.. ehehehe.. yes, i tend to prepare myself for the worst scenarios as well.

meldee: hahahah OH NO MY COVER IS BLOWN. haha, her next book coming out in October:) eheh, nah i can't write when I am asked to. free style, mine.

sush: eh, i took 7 days.:( ehehe...i know that, it's from CLEo!

spectrakia: ahaha, we'll see ..lol

voon chan: why, what a brilliant comment. BRAVO. *claps hands* hehehe..thanks! ur first comment! should save in my hard disk forever.

sHee: lol, notice how I am not saying any names? Don't want to jinx anything. And we never know what happens in the future. So.. i'm very neutral already.

c.ho: if he's The Boyfriend of course he can have sexual favours. LOL
June 29, 2005   10:17 PM PDT
i thought the next level was where he asked u for sexual favours. for which you'll reply with a slap! heheheh
Voon Chan
June 29, 2005   09:27 PM PDT
June 29, 2005   09:21 PM PDT
Damn bizarre...I have to get into the same wave length in order to comprehend. Time to write your own best-seller girlie.
June 29, 2005   08:28 PM PDT
hehehhe. i agree with Mel. told you i finished that book in FOUR hours. hehe. :) interesting. but don't live with the in-laws...
Fiction has it that a guy who is above 26 and still living with his parents is a mommy's boy. Something I read somewhere. Lols.
June 29, 2005   06:35 PM PDT
HAHAHAHAHA woman you read too much of Where Rainbows End. BTW, I finished the damn book in less than 24 hours!! It's so riveting! *shakes head* Fantastic lah your imagination, you should be the one in writing, not me!
June 29, 2005   11:35 AM PDT
agrees with irene... do not (i repeat) DO NOT stay with the inlaws...

great story there. waiting to read the when-you-are-72 chapter next :p
June 29, 2005   06:57 AM PDT
Jolene, if one day this fiction story of yours will be publish as a novel, I will be one of the first people to buy the book. Great story and a funny one too. Heheh.
June 29, 2005   04:43 AM PDT
Wah, havent get married already have to stay with your in-laws. What if between this period, your relationship with your mother in law is bad? How to get marry macam ni? If its good, means you are most likely to stay with your in laws liao woh~! Hahaha!!!

Hmm... by the way, whats with gals and marriage? So "han gak" meh?
June 29, 2005   04:26 AM PDT
HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA..you make it sound so real.. lol. notice this is a warning to future/current bfs.

it's a good way to spew out warnings eh, this type of posts?:D

maybe can come up with my ideal way of marriage proposal so i won't be disappointed when I am older. provided the man who wants to marry me actually started reading my blog by now. HAHAHA

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