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Monday, June 13, 2005

For I Play The Filial Daughter

My dad saw me resizing and mosaic-ing some of the photos I took from the meet today. I did a very bad thing and told him I was meeting up with old friends. I should not have said that.

He didn't like the idea of me meeting up with people I met from the internet. For as long as I can remember, he has always been against the idea of blogging and he hates the fact that I reveal so much about myself.

He really lost it today when he found out that I attended a blogger's meet on my own. I understand no amount of explanation can undo his views on the dangers of meeting strangers off the internet.

He asked me if I read the papers today and if I knew what a girl called Sarong Party Girl did to herself. I told him that of course I knew and it has been circling around the internet. He said he would just DIE if he ever saw me doing such a thing to myself. He spat, "Look at her!! Telling the world about her sex life," .. to which I replied, "But I don't have a sex life." Reading that article threw him even further away from the idea of blogging. Many thanks to the clever media for highlighting such an issue. It has created such a situation for me. Thanks.

"I am worried that you will one day expose yourself like that as well. Who knows how daring you may get? I don't want this to happen to you. Do you really love attention that much?"

I hate to admit it. But yes, it's the attention. With 123 incoming links and an average of 350 unique hits a day, how can I not want more? This may not be the most popular blog around but I have nurtured it into something bigger than I've ever expected it to be.

I've made friends with a journalist from a leading publication and he kindly offered to interview me alongside other bloggers for a piece on blogging. He even asked if I am cool about having my photo in it.

You know what? Even though he probably asked me out of convenience sake, I AM elated. Ridicule me as much as you want, but since I know how far blogs can bring someone, I'd love to have a taste of that. But as they say the grass is always greener on the other side so I am sure this is just a passing phase. But I am not afraid to admit that yes, I would love to be famous.

However, my father is right and doing something that he doesn't think I should do is very unsettling. So what if I get what I want, being recognised, having my link passed around? It's all a temporary ego rush but what would really throw me off would be how I would have to tip toe around my own father when I go about blogging.

I have agreed to never attend any more blog gatherings. He says that the interview is good publicity but it all goes back to me revealing too much of myself.

He says that I am over friendly and I should learn to be more reserve. Well, there goes my promise to my journalist friend an interview with an identity. I'm sorry.

He is afraid of potential stalkers, crazy hackers and the likes. The probability is damn low but I understand there is a chance. I see where he is coming from. Am I just being rebellious by saying, "I KNOW. I KNOW how it is. I KNOW what to do,"?

My mother, frustrated, said, "DOn't make your daddy worry like that lah! Just stop blogging!!"


It almost got to the point where I had to say, "Yes, I will stop blogging,". But I cannot.

Through tears I told them, "I don't defame anything, I don't talk bad about the people I know, I don't put myself in situations which will result in me getting sued,".

"Why do you think your blogger friends asked you to mosaic them out? It's because they know the danger that blogging can bring. One day when you are an important person, people can look you up and know about your past, and put it out to bring you down. THEN you will know," he rationalised.

Sobbing, I replied, "BUT I LOVE TO WRITE."

My dad soften his tone and said, "I love you, but you do what you want,I hope you know what you're doing,". His tone gave away an "I still don't think it's a good idea,".

Big fat tears still rolling down my cheeks, "That's reverse psychology. But I don't want to upset you either. I do and will write responsibly."

"As long as you write responsibly," he sighed, the sentence somewhat hanging.

"I do."

I've never cried so much since the days when he would give me an earful about racking up the internet bills back in the last millenium when we were still on dial-up.

The family and I drove in silence to The Curve and Dad said, "Change the topic okay? Forget about it, don't be sad," and he passed me a tissue.

Dad tried to cheer me up by asking me for directions to The Curve. It takes alot for a man to ask a lady for directions to somewhere.

I love my father and I don't want to do anything that will make him stay mad at me.
I am very grateful that he has not pried my fingers off my laptop and turned off the power button on my internet activities forever.

Hence, I will not attend any other blog gatherings. As much as I'd love to meet each and everyone of you, I just don't feel nice going against my dad. I will also have to turn down the interview. Meeting new people and getting my blog out there doesn't matter THAT much to me. If there are no consequences for me to face, of course I will be the first to arrive at gatherings and such. Please enjoy the PPS birthday bash for me.

The lot of you I met today, you guys were right to be shocked when you found out I was 18. I was abit indignant at first because I didn't want you guys to think that I'm too young. But it is the truth as I still have to listen to my father.

I will keep blogging and be watchful of my ways. You guys can help me by letting me know what is too much, okay?

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 2:32:57 am

April 28, 2006   02:07 AM PDT
u're considered lucky. i've stopped blogging since the beginning of the year, for now at least, because of the same problems. just that my parents are less compromising than yours.

i understand how you feel because i had a taste of soaring unique hits and relished it until it affected my relationship with ppl dear to me too.

i only started reading your blog after you guest-blogged for minishorts, the banana post. i was surprised, thinking that your parents must be very open minded to allow you to put up such photos.
so as a fellow 18 yrs old teenage girl, my friendly advice would be to tone down the camwhoring because it does invite much unwanted attention. but besides that, i'll continue reading your blog no matter what! =)
July 13, 2005   08:29 PM PDT
Hey, you do know that one of the links of the bloggers on the right is messed up? As in Den.
June 19, 2005   04:53 PM PDT
Kervin: thanks Kervin. My father will be able to google me if he wants to. If he thinks he doesn't want to read, then I suppose that's fine. If he wants to, it's readily available to him on the WWW. thanks, I know you mean well.:) thank you for the kind message.

midnite lily: i was thinking of bringing my own friends to the blog meets..but I suppose I can live without meeting other bloggers. Sigh. Perhaps another year. and I am seeing it his way. I know better than to go against his words. It's not easy to have the last say. :)
June 17, 2005   01:59 PM PDT
Take heart ok, parents are always concerned about their kids and someday when we all turn into one we will share the same fears and worries as they do. In a way your dad is showing he cares and love you and wishes to protect you from all the harm in the world, there is nothing strange about it, it's a natural instinct that we all have. The final decision is yours, true there are dangers in blogging but so does every other activity out there, it is up to us to exercise caution and percaution. There is also fulfillment and pride in the act of blogging, there are positive as well as negative aspects of it. Take their advise reassure them and ask them to read your blog, if they disagree about some of the content discuss with them and find out why. Reassure and mutual trust is needed, they need to know you can be responsible and they have to understand that you love to write and make friends, meet somewhere in between. Last word, keep on blogging, I know how much joy there is in it, cheer up ok, we all in the Malaysian blogsphere are giving you the support. Cheers.
June 16, 2005   12:46 AM PDT
h.liew: hehe, i did think of that. when my dad was scolding me the only word running through my head was "livejournal livejournal.."

terry: thanks:) perhaps one nice new year's eve when we're both drunk from my Uncle's wine i'll bring up the matter.

michaelooi: it's not just somebody. it's my own father. but nah, he understands where my interest lies, so as long as I compromise with certain things, he will too.

jax: thanks!!'re right. if i don't get to express myself I just feel so..agitated. :(
June 15, 2005   11:31 AM PDT
If worse comes to worst, you can always start a new blog with another moniker. Please don't stop blogging. I just gotto to know you only. :)
June 15, 2005   01:53 AM PDT
Papi: i know..he said so himself that even though I am 50 years old I'll still be his little girl. I've tried pointing him towards the likes of Jeff ooi...but I also made the mistake of telling him about the big drama of last year and he is even more worried now. arghhh.

sarah: hahaha..ok. how are they going to meet? thanks:) i will.

apcc: i will keep that in mind.

mrkiasi: different people have different needs to be blog. some enjoy sharing about themselves, some just want their thoughts to be heard but have reasons to protect their identity. we are all different.

giant sotong: ehe, i'm different from the average malaysian gal i suppose, blame it on the big bones. bah. dad's quite cool though, but he has his fears.

minishort: *hugs* you're too kind..... thank you so much for offering. just the thought is already enough. :) I've already sent you an email.

synical: then we are the same.:) *shakes hands*
June 14, 2005   06:54 PM PDT
Well... NOT that anonymously. Several friends and bro and cousin know about it... most of my traffic is from searches done on search engines.... Everyday I hope that my lecturers or whoever I bitch about don't find out. Not to mention local thespians I might've offended.

People may know my name and where I live and study and stuff... but not everything.
June 14, 2005   06:51 PM PDT
u know what. where you stay? i pick you up and take you to the bash.

Giant Sotong
June 14, 2005   06:41 PM PDT
No offense, but you did look grown-up - and hot (whoa, who's the hottie with the small eyes and red-dyed hair?) - so your pa has a good reason to worry C8-)

You also looked big enough to pick me up and toss me over two tables.

Our pa's would get along - Dad's also an arch-conservative.
June 14, 2005   06:25 PM PDT
I'm a younger than you. I'm only 16. Yet, I love blogs. Blog is just like a trend than anything else, whether you like it or not, people are starting to talk a lot on the internet. And I think we have the freedom to blog.

I blog anonymously and that's why I don't reveal my picture or reveal much about my identity.

I know it is hard to make a non-blogger to know the art of blog. I had encountered the same thing before. Therefor, I set up my current blog and remain anonymous and never let any of my friends and relatives know about my blog.
June 14, 2005   05:41 PM PDT
blog with a conscious mind. i blog, but remain anonymous...
June 14, 2005   02:27 PM PDT
Like many people have said here, and I think you realised it too, your father actually loves you very much, and he's just being protective of his lil girl.

Being a father myself, I can completely relate to him, although Yiyi is still a toddler. Being protective is an instinct, it's built-in, no matter u r 8 yo, 18, 28, 38, u r still his lil girl.

But I also thnk, on the other side, your father should understand more about blogging. Not all about the Internet is bad and not all about blogging is bad. Maybe u could point him to some of the great bloggers out there, like Mack, JeffOoi, PeterTan, just to name a few.
Anyway, take care and keep blogging yah?
June 14, 2005   12:40 PM PDT
Giant Sotong: well surprise. and erm, ouch, that stings. it's not that i'm being a kid about it, i have to respect my father and all.

kimberly: eh? heard? from? i will show it to him, yea definitely. i won't be in though. :( are on my must meet list for the pps bash. sigh. oh well. perhaps i could bump into you places like Thai Club or something. :) enjoy yourself la k?
June 14, 2005   12:35 PM PDT
ShEe: yeah, i'm thinking of doing that every single details thing as well. :P but....... i have to summon some courage up first.

morticya: *sayangs back*. Like I said, he'll know how to google me if he wants. :) He's really too lazy to check up on with. he thinks i tell exactly what i feel all the time.

Peter: ... i know.. but it's quite a downer that i'm missing out on such a big do.

T-boy: no problem.. er, i'm not sure who're you scolding in ur post...sarongpartygirl issit?

fiona: so we must both becareful. :)

meldee: *hugs* smell u later..:D

silencers: thanks..:) i will do things to get myself out of the funk.

davidteoh: aye. i suppose certain sacrifices need to be exercised.

nick tay: don't we all. :D hehe
June 14, 2005   03:52 AM PDT
Aww.. cheer up. You can still blog and we're still waiting for your new entries. It gets frustrating when people get too afraid to anything anywhere these days.
June 14, 2005   02:37 AM PDT
*big ass hugs*
x__fii0na .
June 14, 2005   12:50 AM PDT
my dad said dat to me too =)
June 14, 2005   12:44 AM PDT
omg i just heard what happened to u. i hope the article tjat your journalist friends doing will change your dads perspective. really wish to see you next meeting, but oh well it doesn't have to be a gathering. stay strong, hugs and kisses
Giant Sotong
June 14, 2005   12:43 AM PDT
You're 18?! But you look so... adult.

Not to worry. Blogs come and go, but relationships stay. Everyone you've met on Sunday are all good people (Uncle, eyeris extra shy, so mosaic lah).

Call us out when we're all old enough to party - we'll make up for lost time, 'K? C8-)

June 13, 2005   10:56 PM PDT
hey yaa!

everything is really totally your own decision, however i do agree with some of your comment-ers here. ;p

give dad your blog link. (take a leaf out of audrey ooi's). one of the reasons why i don't suffer things like these is because my sister reads my blog (and vice versa), so maybe your dad just doesn't understand how bloggers really are.

we often have misconceptions about things we don't know, right? same goes to here then.

June 13, 2005   10:48 PM PDT
jason: hey there! glad that you're back. Yeah, it's better to be safe than to be sorry. I don't think I would want to close my blog down.

expectation: thanks. :) I won't.

lilian: I don't expect my blog to still be around when I am old and important.... as my geocities website that I created when I was 12 is now no longer found on the it shouldn't be worrying. sorry to hear about your friend though..

amanda: Let's shout together: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Hope you had a good sleep on my bed.

wingz: ahah.. thanks... but you have the need to protect your identity because you're a working adult. as for me, I am not tied down to any organization or anything so I don't owe anybody anything?

sk: thanks dude:) I'll add you to my links the next time I update as well... and thanks for the kind words.

jello: heyllo:) Is this Jiad Li? thanks for dropping by. It's not wise to go against your parents I suppose.

suanie: yeah, it's all cool now. but it's just that i'm so twitchy about not being able to go for the bash, but it's for the best. :(

Kenny:*hugs* It's logic over passion for you as well, isn't it? Finally a kindred soul. *sigh* I suppose you are also thinking along the lines of not having anything to be fearful at the moment, and you're confused about what they know...but you know it's best to comply. It's tough.

cw: thanks for finally leaving a comment then, long time lurker:)

jean: yeah, they got over that chatting on the net thing. I just hope they will overcome this one day too. But it's too sensitive a topic to be talked about.

percolator: thank you, I suppose it's a form of reassurance hearing someone saying that to me.
My father can drop by on my blog anytime he wants because there's always google. I think he chooses not to drop by. I'll wait till he ask. Thanks for the comment, it made sense.

thquah: yes, i will one day.

bkworm: I know...but I thought I have passed that stage. I have definitely surpassed my formative years, hence I know exactly what my parents' sentiments are. and yes, it is your right to protect your own identity:) sorry if i didn't before.

Arshana: ah, that's just how I feel.

mystic: it's good that you are a filial daughter as well. and I understand your reasons about the security part.

c.ho: ahh..hahaha..thanks. that's good enough;)

Din: by having my father accompanying me to the bash won't justify anything for me. It's all about trust. If I don't have it, I won't go.

the snark: it's exactly the very fact that Malaysian bloggers come from all walks of life that he is worried about. Anybody COULD be anybody. Unpredictable etc.. It was nice to meet you as well. I'll add you to my links:) and you're a funny guy. Was a pleasure to meet all of you there. At least I attended ONE blog meet, right?

realitybites: like I said, it's all about trust.

synical: in a way you're blogging anonymously la ha?:) ... i know the possible dangers.. but I know people will know it's not me if they see anything out of the blue because they KNOW the source. And that's my stand.

jean: there's google. he knows how to use google.

expectation: they're just being nice.

minishorts: eh, why, would she be pissed? 25.. I'll be that one day.

narrowband: *taps narrowband's hand*. thanks.

Zz: but know me..:( you know how i am. i can't change myself. If I like to meet new people, I like to meet new people. *sigh*

arshana: really, they are just being nice.

ireneq: that's why I have to say no to the bash..because it will be like, "NO MORE BLOGGING" then. It's either this or that lah. No way about it. :(
I don't suppose it's too late for you to build the relationship you want with your father? :) Heyy... there's still Father's Day coming up! ...and thanks Irene. Even though you only knew me like since yesterday, you're already treating me like an old friend. I appreciate it. Thanks. Keep in touch. :)
June 13, 2005   10:33 PM PDT
Do keep on blogging gurl! I believe your dad understands your point in blogging, otherwise he wouldnt have tried making things back with you, right?

I've been in your shoes before, but I've learnt to explain every single detail to my dad now. It helps alot in the father-daughter relationship thingy. My dad tells me frankly how blank he felt when he doesnt knows what I was doing, especially whenever I go out with mybf.

So now, every single even simple things of sending food to my bf and fetching him to work...i tell my dad about it! But of course, I still cant tell him how I met my bf (i'll get killed if he finds out, but I hope the truth about my bf personality has proved his earlier perceptions wrong on less educated males as his daughter's other half).

I'm proud of you gal. No worries k? :)
June 13, 2005   08:25 PM PDT
Jo, you are so loved! =D
June 13, 2005   08:04 PM PDT
U are very lucky to have a reasonable father like that. To be able to debate with your father and end it in peace is something that not every parents and child relationship could have.

Well.. i guess everyone else has said all tht i wanna say.. anyway best of luk.. and i guess u could be more reserve as ur father say to restraint urself from revealing too much.

Stalker and the likes are lunatics.. so there is no saying that it is impossible to not have a stalker over u..
June 13, 2005   06:59 PM PDT
*gives a pat on jolene's shoulder*
June 13, 2005   05:52 PM PDT
aww, see? got so many supporters!

June 13, 2005   03:59 PM PDT
if my mum finds out that i'm minishorts i'm so going to die.

but i'm 25 already and she doesn't really have a say in my life. that i can be sure of.
June 13, 2005   03:18 PM PDT
percolater is right. let ur parents have the url, get them involved ;)
June 13, 2005   03:08 PM PDT
We may not know each other in real life, but hey, don't stop blogging...

Lucky for me my parents aren't too net-savvy to know about my blogging... and since I "talk" about people I can't publicize it without having harm inflicted unto myself. Which is a good thing I'm unable to upload pics and stuff.

p.s. Your dad has a point (I know, I know, I'm parroting everyone else); it maybe just me, but it's a little freaky, the number of pictures that you put up with your hit average and what not. Then again I've not been to a blogger's meet before...
June 13, 2005   01:57 PM PDT
hi, i don't really read ur blog, but this time i have to say something.

this plain sucks. seriously not fair. your father may know some bad stuff done by bloggers, but bloggers are very important too in the dissemination of information (rmb the tsunami?); biased or otherwise, but it makes us think, and we improve our knowldege each passing day.

i think playing it by parent's law will not help this time. better confront it softly. age is only a number and cannot be correlated with maturity.

i wonder if some notable bloggers can talk to your dad. and what if you bring your dad to the birthday bash and let him see the community which he doesn't know?
June 13, 2005   01:39 PM PDT
pat pat.. aww.. yeah.. i'll let u know if you're revealing too much.

hmm.. i guess i'm a bit like your dad. always cautious and worried about stuff.. but dunnolah..

well, hope you're feeling better.. *pats*... mm.. not very good at consoling ppl>.<
June 13, 2005   01:25 PM PDT

I understand where your dad is getting at. Even at my age, being the fillial daughter that I am, I will do anything not to upset my dad. After all, I only have one dad in my lifetime while I can blog or attend blog meets again in the future.

Whatever he said, he has your best interest at heart. The reason I dont put my personal photos on my blog is because of the reason on security and privacy. While responsible blogging is one thing, being responsible to yourself and those who love you should also be taken into great consideration.

June 13, 2005   11:28 AM PDT
*sob, sob* That was so touching. Happy Father's Day. XD
June 13, 2005   11:14 AM PDT
I think I kinda understand what your dad is thinking coz you are still young and a girl. I have Joanna so I understand his fears for his daughter and also coz I told you how I learnt of blogging from my son. He's upset only because he loves you very much. On the other hand, I am happy that you are a reponsible and mature young adult (from what you wrote and your response to your dad). Don't stop blogging (coz I will definitely be coming back to your page for more:) and stay responsible in your actions. Your dad will come around one day. I did, for my son. Hey, and thanks for mosaic*ing me out!
June 13, 2005   10:57 AM PDT
Good at least you agreed with your dad, all parents care for their children ,you will when you are a parent yourself.
June 13, 2005   10:30 AM PDT
First off, I think you do blog relatively responsibly, unoffensively and without malice to others. That alone reduces potential jeopardy from ill-intentioned people.
Second, your writing reflects to some degree some maturity and your own good upbringing. Your style and language shows some self-restraint and does reflect respect for self and others.
It must be very hard for you to have to make that promise to your dad not to go to any more blogger meets. I salute you for setting aside your own desires in favour of your parent's peace fo mind. It's no small thing.
But it would be such a shame for you to stop blogging. You express yourself well, and have obviously found both good use and pleasure in this blog that has allowed you to think aloud, discover yourself and others - little-girl-in-a-reverie style.
Perhaps you shouldn't just give up blogging so easily.
Try this: let your parents have the URL. Be completely open. Invite their comments on what's considered 'too revealing' or 'not desirable'. Get a good idea of what limits are acceptable to them. It's a good opportunity to demonstrate your maturity and concern for their feelings at the same time. Discuss and negotiate.
What have you got to lose, really?
As a young adult, negotiation rather than meek compliance is a more meaningful and mutually beneficial way for a win-win situation.
Your dad sounds like a reasonable man. Whatever the outcome, at least you'll have shown thru your readiness to be open, a sense of responsibility for yourself as well as consideration for their feelings.
Sorry for the long comment. I do enjoy reading your posts.
June 13, 2005   09:48 AM PDT
You know that what your dad said makes perfect sense, and that is the worst part of it, I think so anyways.
You love writing which is a good thing, but maybe you should not expose as much details of your personal life as you have? Have your parents read any of your blogs?
Remember when parents were so afraid of their kids chattin over the net? It boils down to the same thing.. no one wants their kids to be hurt in any way and by imposing restrictions is the only way they feel they can keep you from the big bad world out there..
As long as you don't write things that people may use against you its alright :) *hugs jolene*
-huei jean-
June 13, 2005   08:45 AM PDT
Sorry to hear about the run-in with your Dad. I agree with the other commenters, I think you handled it well. Hang in there and keep blogging. From a longtime lurker :)
June 13, 2005   03:57 AM PDT
Aww poor thing! So sweet of your dad to cheer you up! Really touched me when you want to listen to your dad and not break his heart.

Keep blogging ya! hehe Love to read your blog! It is always very interesting! Somehow you can always make everything so interesting! Keep it up! Jia you!
June 13, 2005   03:50 AM PDT

Bored of watching F1, click on a few links that I've got during the gathering just now.

Sorry to hear what you've gone through just now and I really admire your courage as a 18 years old sweet lady, where you learn how to balance between ur interest in blogging and respect your father at the same time, this I salute you.

Keep blogging, don't stop, so long you blog with responsibility. Be grateful for whatever things that you've to go through, think what you've learned from this and move forward, as simple as that.

Oh yes, I'm grateful to know you personally and yes, your space is definitely on my bloglines radar.

Stay tune!

June 13, 2005   03:40 AM PDT
Jayllene, i m sorry i dont talk much in the blogsphere but today I think you did the right thing. I am a blogger and i am also a father, I do not relates my blog to my real life not show my own identity in my blog.

Your dad love you alot and hes protecting you from something that he thinks will hurt you in the future.

Keep blogging, you writes good for a 18 y/o lenglui ;P
June 13, 2005   03:38 AM PDT
hey jo~
aww your dad is so sweet, he really cares about you. anyway i think i've told you what i wanna tell you on msn, it's really mature of you the way you handled it with your parents. i would be proud if i had a daughter like you =) *hugs* not meeting up with bloggers isnt the end of the world yea, you still can blog =)
June 13, 2005   03:17 AM PDT
that's kinda sad..what a nice dad you have.
but don't stop blogging. hell lot of ppl will miss jayelle.
June 13, 2005   03:13 AM PDT
Hey, I'm back finally with 24/7 internet connection. :)

By promosing your dad that you won't be meeting anybody from the internet and your dad not really interering or stopping you from blogging, that's currently the best solution, right?

:) Good luck with it and do keep your promise.

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