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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Flasher On MSN!

I thought I was the only one who got harassed by best_hero_zero@hotmail.com.

But it appears not.
Hsin and Elaine got added too!!!

After completing 5 pure maths question at about 1.00am last night, I decided to go online for 5 minutes to do the usual round.

I'm always happy when I get new people adding me on MSN! Most of the people whom I don't know who add me usually get my email from my blog and we become friends and etc. So I thought
best_hero_zero@hotmail.com was another one of my blog readers.

I added the guy. He goes by the nickname of Best.

Miss Lai: hi. u are?
Best: hi ..., forgot the appointment lah ..?
Miss Lai: appointment?
Best: my name start with *he inserts a consonant*... ..? ..
Miss Lai: Oooh!! Best: got it ..?..:D
Miss Lai: wait wait erm..sorry..nope...:(
Best: o... u really lah .
Miss Lai: sorry lar, who are you?
Best: I'm *inserts the name of a GUY friend of mine.*
Miss Lai: APPOINTMENT? What appointment do we have?
Best: Just kiddin la...
Miss Lai: akakakakka sor chai. And what the hell are you doing with a new account?
Best: nothing got..hahaha..;) Scared?:)
Miss Lai: scared?! of *GUY friend's name*? ...BWAHAHAHAHAHA..wtf for?!
Best: hey .. 1 mins ...

At this moment, I notice that my GUY friend was online and I messaged him asking him why is he using two accounts. He said, "Continue playing with that fella, bastard..use my name until like that!!".. After awhile I knew it wasn't my friend because the way they talked were complete different. So I decided to test this "Best" guy on his knowledge of Fruittips. I was only talking about Fruittips with my guy friend a couple of days ago. So the conversation should still be fresh. If he answered wrongly the origin of Fruittips, he could forget about his stupid act.

Miss Lai: hey *inserts Friend's name*..tomorrow we want to go watch Be Cool you free ar?
Best: Yap....hey ...i bought a cam yesterday ...
Miss Lai: Ohh..that's nice.
Best: want to try ?
Miss Lai: Ok, you try.
Best: What time? I mean movie?
Miss Lai: Ohh..11pm... eh that day the fruit tips ar..where u buy wan ar? damn nice.

He didn't answer me at this point but he invited me to view his webcam. I mean, what have I got to lose? He can't see me, right?

Best: can see lah ..?
Miss Lai: Can see. Come to the camera lah!
Best: it is first time n shy lah .
Miss Lai: Bull shit la! You always play webcam with me!! come to the camera now! eh where u buy the fruittips lar? damn addicted wei

At THIS point. I had a heart attack. Thank god I reacted fast and did a print screen. Please don't click on the link if you have a weak heart or shouldn't be viewing 18-sx things at the moment. Nah,
go laugh at the size. Hsin was right. It's so limp. I suspect it's a 14 year old. He definitely has the size of one. Confirm hit puberty already because got bulu. But please lar, nothing to show, please don't show okay? YOUR KOO KOO CIAO IS SO FARKIN SMALL PLEASE DON'T DISTURB ME WITH IT LA. WASTE COMPUTER SCREEN SPACE ONLY. Oh wait, actually it doesn't take up much space at all! HAhahaha..

He meant to scare me with it, but let me laugh back pulak. Kakakakaka. Little boy, if you are reading this, wait for your penis to grow a mile longer first then only you come giving girlies like me a heart attack okay? LOL

Miss Lai: HAAHAHAHHAHA. DAMN SMALL!!!! WHAT HAPPENED LA... What you eat?!!! *sigh*.. My pencil also bigger lar. So damn small. kakakaka..
Best: Really?
Miss Lai: Yala and then!
Best: :D Haha.
Miss Lai: *insert guy friend's name* what happened to ur room? different colour already wan?
Best: At friend's house now.
Miss Lai: yaya so clever. my dear ..whoever you are.. please don't pretend to be *insert friend's name*. even if you hate him, this is not the way lar.
Best: I don't want to affect him.. he is also my friend.
Miss Lai: Then why you add me and play with yourself?! quite sick you know?!! Lucky my heart brave enough!!
Best: my intention is not like that ...you got cam?
Miss Lai: no i don't have. i should be mad if I was to play cam with you AFTER you flicked ur dick at me.
Best: no lah . i don't ask u to do anything ...u don't have to do also ... u r not bad gal lah ...
Best: really , u don't have lah ...
Miss lai: How are you related to *insert guy friend's name*
Best: he is my friend..
Miss Lai: How did you get my email then?!
Best: He sent emails out, so I took your email from there lor..I am sorry about that.
Miss Lai: you are damn polite for a flasher right??
Best: not really lah ..
Miss Lai: so i can delete u off my list already?
Best: y...?
Miss Lai: ..because I don't know you and you're scary?
Best: y scary .>?
Miss Lai: YOU BLOODY SHOWED ME YOUR MINI DICK!! if i am not scared then what am I supposed to be?!!
Best: you scared dick?
Miss Lai: hello, if a pussy suddenly pop up on ur screen, you not scared ar?! oh wait, stupid question.
Best: o... sorry lah ..
Miss Lai: so you keep that small thing somewhere else and save the world from ur small thing ok? i gotta go to bed now. tata.

I blocked and deleted the fucker from my MSN already.

My heart was racing the whole time, but I knew it's not that dangerous so I tried to see who he was by continuing with the conversation. Oh well. Another experience with perverts. Girls, don't add him okay. Since he added Hsin and Elaine, he should still be on the hunt. Or rather, go add him and give him a good scolding. Yeah! Let's all send him hate mails!

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 5:47:10 pm

June 19, 2006   05:17 PM PDT
hey there mr yap poh loy...i'd like to reply by email but you didn't provide me with one.

:) no, my father is not barry lai. ahhaha. nono.
Name yap ploy
June 19, 2006   12:46 PM PDT
Ms Lai,
I'm yap poh loy by any chance if your dad's name is Mr. Barry Lai Choon Chong? If so please reply by mail.
May 3, 2005   09:58 PM PDT
jelli: hehe..hey thanks:) is this kalpana?
April 30, 2005   04:18 PM PDT
Soph: lol..come to think of it.. yeah..it is quite funny!! a dick on a webcam!

elaine: hahaha..i print screen my msn convos because sometimes they draw cute things/have nice pics.. this was just another one of those times:D

Juztin: lol!! not that scared ma..coz i'm behind a computer and he only knows my email. kakakaka

swee: yeaa..i think so too..

allan: LOL..I wonder how many people who read my blog, Elaine's Blog, Hsin's Blog and Swee's blog actually added him to MSN and flamed him kau kau

nebo: hahaha.. baby dick yeah??.. i'm cool with my email out there.. it's just a matter of blocking and deleting the fucker anyway

barbie sher: LOL!! u were seriously laughing in the library?? AND CAN EXCESS AR??!! ..*tabik* yeah, I'm fine:) no worries lar..

kyle: LOL.. yeha.. I remember my dog(Bubbles, Angel's father) had a dick which was bigger than that. tsk tsk. kakaka.. he cari pasal with us that's why we help him publicize lor. he needed the publicity anyway. that's the only way he can ever get publicity for his dick..

expectation: ahahha..got or not? btw it's ctrl+alt+Prt Sc

chansaire: lol. play along lar!!

slinky: ahahha thanks and you're quite observant eh?! even I didn't notice that..:D lol mmg la. he is the best zero hero. just a matter of word play;D

narrowband: hahaha.. but what a fun story to share!

tanya: lol! i thought I really needed to share the story so I print screened lorrr:D My friend said Singapore wor..

debun: ahaha..nono. it's a Laughable Dick. :D where got scary?

Seige: lesson not learnt laa. my email address is just an email address on the internet..just like a blog on the internet. oh well.:)
April 30, 2005   01:02 AM PDT
Never ever publish your email address. Lesson learned.
April 30, 2005   12:59 AM PDT
Jesus Christ!
April 30, 2005   12:55 AM PDT
eh, seriously how he get ur email wan la? hahaha, dam funny, poor thing, he got a scary dick.. ahha...
April 29, 2005   11:01 PM PDT
ROFLMAO, freak of nature! i find it damn funny that your first instinct was to print screen hahaha :P

this is totally unrelated by hEy i didn't know they still sold fruit tips?!?!! WHEREEEE???!!
April 29, 2005   09:23 PM PDT
Haha... LAwakzz betul~~
April 29, 2005   06:58 PM PDT
Hahahaha I just thought of another thing.... about his email Best_Hero_Zero... After for what he had done to innocent girls.... So it seems that Best has turned himself from Hero to Zero ...
April 29, 2005   06:00 PM PDT
Eh!? My comment didn't turn up! :(
But anyway... Hahahaha as I was trying to say... HAHAHAHAHA SHIT. WELL DONE Jolene!!! Crap, was he doing it in the living room or what? Cause can see sofa and the usual wall clock in the background wan.. Hahaha!
April 29, 2005   02:56 PM PDT
OMFG!!!!!!!! HE ADDED ME TOO AND ASKED TO WEBCAM... thank god i blocked him out...

you poor poor thing... >< so traumatizing !
April 29, 2005   02:36 PM PDT
eh where to print screen?
it doesn't look like a dick though. smaller than my bro's, not that i've seen his now but saw his when he was 6 and it was bigger.
kyle the GREAT
April 29, 2005   02:28 PM PDT
i kinda feel bad 4 d guy... so desperate... nothin betta 2 do.... damn kesian man. summore nothin 2 show.... n ppl laugh at him.... so.... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

*i think his dick is same size as my dog wan!! n my dog is 1 foot tall onli!!
barbie sher
April 29, 2005   11:45 AM PDT
oh my god i seriously laughin my head off man! wtf is that bloody dick's problem man! wahahahahah the whole library must think im nuts laughin to myself! it doesnt even look like a dick! aiyo....this guy is terrible ler....hahaha...aiyo laugh until tears comin out oso...aiseh yalah ur rite elaine! so lucky to sempat press print screen oso of all things on the keyboard! haha hope ur alrite gal! take care kayz? muaxy!
barbie sher
April 29, 2005   11:45 AM PDT
oh my god i seriously laughin my head off man! wtf is that bloody dick's problem man! wahahahahah the whole library must think im nuts laughin to myself! it doesnt even look like a dick! aiyo....this guy is terrible ler....hahaha...aiyo laugh until tears comin out oso...aiseh yalah ur rite elaine! so lucky to sempat press print screen oso of all things on the keyboard! haha hope ur alrite gal! take care kayz? muaxy!
April 29, 2005   01:11 AM PDT
haha.. yup.. he must've been blog hopping trying to lure girls .. bad luck huh ..
April 29, 2005   12:54 AM PDT
WTF?!?! Haha..I'm like seriously laughing my ass off right now!! Cyber flasher!! Haha..kids these days..Haha!! Btw so brave of u to play along with him!! Hahaha
April 29, 2005   12:43 AM PDT
omg! haha! you sempat to print screen somemore! *respect for jo's bravery*
April 29, 2005   12:36 AM PDT
ROFL! OMG JO OMG HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA HILARIOUS. Ahhaahahahaha a dick on webcam hahahaha. OMG haahahaha :P *dies laughing* This is serious funny shit man LOL
April 29, 2005   12:06 AM PDT
yuen li: lol!! i never find them what.. they just happen to find me.:D

kenneth: awww i know you're a good guy:D ahahaha.. ur right. its damn pathetic. but he shud know it'll never work. he can't be THAT stupid right??

swee: MY GOD. U also? I checked ur blog and I noticed ur linked to Amanda.. and a few other friends. So I think this pervert has been going around our blogging circuit. bastard!!.. eh..don't worry.but do play it safe lar. dun go anywhere alone..etc..etc.. LOL.. Yaaaa.. or I on my webcam and take out micrometer. akakakakkaka..

c: ahha..AND scary.. don't forget.:)

morticya: lol! Yala! it's THAT small. me also. i never knew cyber flashers existed. Not baaad..

predator: hehe thanks for dropping by. some people are just too sad..

fiona: ahaha..hope u didn't open the link..

vivien: hahaha.. it's ok. he's an idiot with a small dick. faham-fahamlah:D
April 28, 2005   11:01 PM PDT
Wah lau....damn idiot lah that kid....hhaahha...
][ _ * fii0Na . ` ][
April 28, 2005   10:25 PM PDT
my god. so teruk la!
April 28, 2005   09:42 PM PDT
Haha...Interesting Blog......This entry might be the best entry ever.....he's really the best hero of idiot and zero to human
April 28, 2005   09:33 PM PDT

that was a dick ar? it was too small i didn't even realize it


akkakaa ah well, cyber flasher huh, the first i've heard. ;p

April 28, 2005   08:48 PM PDT
oh goodness.. that's hilarious.. hahahahhaha....
April 28, 2005   08:29 PM PDT
hahaha ... not only u 3 .. but i kena as well .... he was even more threatening ... he said "u dont know me.. i can send someone to rape u"

oh well ... pervs ..

hahah... omg u're funny.. if he ever flicks his "huh-where?"-dick again .. ask him if it's his finger..

April 28, 2005   07:49 PM PDT
That's the most stupidest, pathetic attempt at getting girls to bed.

OMFG... guys like this gives guys in general a bad name
April 28, 2005   07:25 PM PDT
hsin: lol!! stupid question right? aih....lol. CYBER. who uses that word anymore? another clue that he is still a juvenile...that "school" thing. sheesh. .
lol..ya think? do u reall think it's from our blogs?? hmmm

kyle: ahaha.. brave huh. quite lar. ahaha.. i hope I've ruined his self esteem and the only way he dare to show his dick is thru msn and not in real life. because a small dick will bring you no where, in his case.
ahahaha.. normally half way thru the convo the guy would say, "fuck u bitch, u ugly slut" or something to the extent..but he didn't even swear! save for the word dick and stuff. ahahha. yeah. i think around that age.
Yuen Li
April 28, 2005   07:22 PM PDT
lol, you have the weirdest MSN conversations...
kyle the GREAT
April 28, 2005   07:04 PM PDT
hahahahahahah damn funny man!!! n yeah.... damn small oso!! hehehehe.... wah... he very brave 2 show off the lil things in life!! heheheeheh.... n damn polite loh... i think small boy. sounds really really young!! like i think agak agak 15++ cos no1 our age would talk like dat!!
April 28, 2005   06:37 PM PDT
Best: you scared dick?


eh but ur right u know, he's rather polite for a flasher...i wouldn't quite know cos i deleted him on the spot. =.= however he did threaten to 'tell everyone in school tmrw' if i dun cyber with him.

tell la tell la. im not even in school anymore, hawhaw.

*kam chengs with jo* haih.. the woes of a camwhore i suppsoed... finally terkena balik kita sendiri. T.T

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