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Saturday, April 23, 2005

I Only Meant To Watch A Play

I'm currently in Sunway Damansara blogging this from Liss' computer on dial up. Dear Big Guy Above, please bless some folks of Sunway Damansara with streamyx connection so that they can be happy.

I'm staying over at Liss tonight because I went for Life...Sdn Bhd 3 at The Actor's Studio Bangsar. It was damn good. More on that later.

We started the day with Liss picking me up from home and picking Kay Hong from his out of the way place in USJ. We really intended on studying in Starbucks but due to Kay Hong's bitchiness about how we "really cannot study wan" we ended up catching on the progress of the other human beings in our lives. Kay Hong has the amazing or should I say extremely annoying capability of instilling guilt in me. I told them my latest trial results.. and now I feel like killing myself.

The dial up speed took me 47 minutes to upload all my photos. During that period, I lost the mood to blog. So I'll continue when I get home tomorrow evening.

I'm home!!

So anyway, as you all know, I stayed over at Liss' place because we wanted to watch the play Life..Sdn Bhd 3.

                  I brought four bags even though I was only staying for one night.

                  Do you know it only took him a matter of nanoseconds to get into position? Kay Hong the hiau.

l-r: Kay Hong, Me, Liss

                   Starbucks Taipan!

Still in Starbucks..

A solitary laptop in the middle of the cafe.

Nicholas(Melissa's brother) who was at his friend's place, made us wait for an extra half an hour. So we decided to drop by dear ol SMK Subang Utama to 'get some studying done'. By now you should know that THAT is not possible.

Me trying to study!  

                                                   Sometimes I miss school..

                    See, how to study?

The pondok is where I'd sit in my early secondary school years and oggle the hot seniors. Oh yea..~

The tree that grew so much since I left SMKSU.

Recently, I've been reading Verves In Composition after discovering it about a week or so ago. I've seen April's pictures of the people in her life and one of them is her boyfriend Hann Yong.

On Monday, a Hann Yong added me on MSN. I was quite puzzled because how would a Hann Yong who I presumed was April's boyfriend know me since I have never spoken to April. 

When he came online, I immediately asked him, "Are you April's boyfriend?" and he was shocked because he didn't expect that to come from a stranger.
He confirmed that he was and explained that he added me after clicking on my link in Jocelyn's blog which he found when he googled "SMDJ and Golf".

He explained the reason he added me on MSN was to ask me if the Melissa in my blog has a brother, and if she has a dog called Chester and if she lived in Damansara. I was overwhelmed with curiosity as to who this mysterious Hann Yong is and how he is related to Melissa.

"Oh..I'm her neighbour," he said.

"WHATTT???!!!!" <--My reaction.

We had a good laugh about how damn small the world is. He told me heard Melissa sang a song during a neighbourhood party sometime ago but was not too sure of the title and I naturally told him my favourite fact about Melissa. The Infamous One Ball line.

He was saying, "Hmm, maybe I should go up to her and sing that song," and I said, "Yea!!! Imagine the shock on her face."

Suddenly, my eyes glazed over as a plan in my head unfolded. I told him, "Eh, then throw in the one ball line la..I'll be there with my camera to catch her expression!!"

LOL..so we came up with this long detailed plan on how to catch Liss' shock expression on Thursday. The plan was that I would get her to walk her dog but at the same time leave a little earlier than her so that I can walk over to Hann Yong's place and hide behind his fence whilst holding his video camera..awaiting Melissa to walk by. When we Liss approaching, he'd jump out and say, "Hello Liss...." and then proceeds to sing the song that he heard her sing at that party and throw in the one ball line. LOL. And I'd have it all on tape. Then I'd run out and we'd all have a good laugh.

So I used the excuse that I wanted to take a walk around the area and capture some of the nice houses on camera. I also told her that I have Dad's ex-secretary to pay a visit to. She ate into my words.

Faye was over at her place too as we were practising for dance class( we were having our dance evaluation the following day ). While Faye and Liss were busy practising the dance steps, I hurried out of the house saying, "Ehhh! I go first arr!!" and then Faye said, "Eh eh eh, I fetch you there laaa..no need to walk!"

Panicking, I said, "Aiyoo no need la," and moved faster. She runs after me, "Why don't want me to fetch you??" The poor girl seemed hurt and I was lost for words. So I sent Liss to get me a glass of water while I pulled Faye aside and told her our plan. She didn't understand what I was saying but I'll explain it to her some other time.

So I hurried over to Hann Yong's place which was like 3 houses away. He has already set up the perfeet angle to catch Liss' expression and he hung a yellow towel on his clothes line so that when I hid behind his fence with the video camera, I'd be properly obscured.

Despite this being the first time we've met each other, we had no time to beat around the bush with strangers-etiquette. We had a plan to carry out!! So there he was on the look out and me on my knees on the grass holding his video camera, practising the angle.

Then we saw Liss coming with Chester. Hann Yong ran out and said, "Hello Liss!"

Liss' trademark blur expression overwhelmed him and he couldn't continue singing as according to plan. So he didn't get to the one ball line.

As for me, my hand was shaking with laughter, so you'll get a headache if you ever get to view the video. I'll put stills up soon. I ran out with the video camera and Liss was like, "JO!! What are you doing here?!?!?!" hahahaha... So I explain everything to Liss and as expected, we had a good laugh about it.

The cast. L-r: Liss, Chester, Me and Hann Yong

A close up. Indonesian maids don't do zooming.

OOOhhh!! Doesn't Chester looks cute here?!

Hann Yong bonding with Chester.

Hey Chester!! So pretty right?

See, what a good way for neighbours to get to know each other..

It was probably one of the funnest way to meet new people. That applied to all three of us.

After walking a very reluctant Chester around the neighbourhood, Hann Yong wished us a good evening and bade us goodbye as we rushed back to Liss' place for dinner and got ready for Life...Sdn Bhd 3. Liss had two of her college friends, Calvin and Daryl who came along for the play too. Another two new people for me to meet. What a happy day!

I did not know what the play was about because I forgot to read the brochure Liss passed to me and so I wasn't sure that the stories the wonderful actors shared were fictional or not. But soon I learnt that it was actually all real life stories and some of them were so heartwarming and some were just so ...naked. Their abilities to share the most intimate bits of their lives amaze me. But all in all, what a good laugh!! Now I wish I watched the first two Life...Sdn Bhds. :)

I felt like such a groupie after the show, going around asking the actors if I could take a photo with them. But they were all very nice and obliging.

l-r: Liss, Gavin Yap, Me, Nell Ng, Patrick Teoh.
Now, if I was a male, I'd tell you that if I had a celebrity crush, it'd be Nell Ng. Yes, yes, I'd take an application form; couldn't find it. (Those who have watched the play would understand what I'm going on about).

l-r:Me, Reza Zainal Abidin, Ben Tan, Mohd. Sobri Anuar, Sue Lankester, Liss.

Thank you Calvin and Daryl for helping us to take the photos. We did offer to take their photos with the actors. But you know lah, guys are not as teenybopperish as girls:).

Getting to know Liss' friends over mochas, lattes and sunrises at BSC's Coffeebean.
l-r: Liss, Calvin, Me, Daryl

This was taken a nanosecond after Calvin took a photo of us with his handphone camera. Great minds think alike.

We reached home at midnight, many thanks to Nicholas for waiting up for us. The poor boy had school tomorrow and we deprived him of sleep.

Now for some camwhoring, Liss' camwhoring products are in her camera and she didn't send them over. She sent SOME but I don't know why my computer couldn't read them.

Ini aku... (shit, influenced by the anak Keling in Life...Sdn Bhd 3. Seriously, if any of you are free on Sat and Sun evening, do give the show a go..)

Liss was also using her camera at the same time.

On her staircase.

Yeslah, I am very the hiau. Want to fight issit now?

Liss and I ended up going down for toasted bread at 4.00am and proceeded to talk until 5.30am. Such a good bonding session... we were expecting to witness the break of dawn. We climbed into bed slightly after 6.

Liss had class at 12pm and she said when she woke up and bustled around her room, I was still sleeping like a pig. Her alarm went off, her radio came on, her handphone dropped down, she was talking on the phone and still I slept like a pig.

I think she got annoyed at me and did this:

Imagine the shock I got when I groggily scrolled through the photos when I woke up this morning afternoon. I had to save the world from my scary panties. Thank god for photoshop. And minimal photoshop skills.

At 4pm, Hsien and Tanya came over and we practised our dance step for our dance evaluation later in the evening.

l-r: Liss, Hsien, Tanya and Me.

Chillin' after a tiring dance routine..

Yes..one of the dance moves...

Hsien and Liss during dance class..

Warm up..

Ugghh.. I can't do this. So I take photos.

See how dirty the mirror is?

So few people turned up for the evaluation.

Here's Henning and his mother; our classmates.

Liss and I went next. Akkakaka.. sorry for looking spastic.

Tanya and Hsien

Wooo..look at them go.

This is our dance instructor, Julyann. Who coincidentally happens to be our std6 schoolmate back in SRSS19.

All of us got good evaluation..lol. Thanks Julyann!

After dance class, we went to McD's. I know, what's wrong with us, you ask.

Nyummmm..Mcflurry so roXx.

Mcflurry Monster. Literally. Nyaummm.

We had another Lovely Liss Moment(LLM) at McD's just now. Hsien was complaining that they don't serve small fries at that McD's. Liss piped up and said, "I didn't know they served small, medium and large lengths of French Fries!" ..

LLM: Liss' idea of different sizes of french fries served at McDonalds.

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 3:16:39 am

May 24, 2005   02:17 AM PDT
was reading thru all blogs wif life 3 in it....
well... it was a great show... saw the first 2... and it was as good... cant wait to catch life 4....
April 25, 2005   08:24 PM PDT
synical: ohhh..right.. yeahhh:) we shud probably meet up one of those times! btw, are u thinking of going for the upcoming PPS bloggers meet up? i agree.. those musicals are so overpriced. I was so depressed.

april: *sings along*.. ahahaha..yeah. but what great ways to make friends:) Nice to meet u too. and yeah!! ur blog looks quite nice in green!

c: :) i'll ask her for u la
April 25, 2005   03:11 PM PDT
erm.. oops.. no.. i think i meant tanya tan.. ermm.. sorry.. >.< never been one to remember names well..
April 25, 2005   12:20 AM PDT
Hey thanks for dorpping by my blog :) I cudn't believe hann yong that day either :D

*sings it's a small world*
April 24, 2005   05:56 PM PDT
tanya: hey u!;) aiyah where got!!! just as pretty as always:) i've no idea who is tanya lim either. a friend of C(hristine)'s perhaps?

sush: :D

liss: ok! received:D thanks! lol yeah we should do this often!!;) aiks.. still not enough sleep? btw..actorlympics sounds good;( :( :(

synical: oh..right..what is the Cameronians? ahaha..coz I remember you enjoy the local theatre scenes and basically well, enjoy performing arts:) i mean, that's how we got to know of each others' blogs right?:D Through Wish I Was There?
April 24, 2005   02:09 PM PDT
They do normally, it's just that Friday night was also the Cameronians... Nell and Reza didn't perform that night lah!

And how nice of you to think of me while you were there. =)
April 24, 2005   01:46 PM PDT
i shall attempt to send u our camwhoring moments pics in just about..now.
hah,had a blast with u dear jo,cept im still feeling the hangover of not getting enuf slep right up till today!
April 24, 2005   02:01 AM PDT
"-tanya lim-" ...hahahha. lols. who that? looks like things have gone haywire, ttyt!
April 24, 2005   12:44 AM PDT
booya :P

omg i look like a monster. hwahwa *laughs at my myself*

tanya lim? whoddaT? hmmm :P
April 24, 2005   12:08 AM PDT
c; hahaha.. cliques dominated areas don't they..! hey go check ur wedding entry..i left a message..

and it's tanya tan:) not lim.

aida: yes, I do:) .. sorry to take up ur time

kay: thanks!:) French Blues in Sunway Pyramid.

Synical: hahaha you know I thought of you when I went to Actor's Studio..it was a thursday:) u mean the casts don't appear together every night??!

sush: hahahha..they keep us going, don't they! and u don't look spastic la. *kicks su-hsien*

April 23, 2005   11:58 PM PDT
hehehe. Liss's Lovely MOments. What will we do without them? ;)
I look blardee spastic...
April 23, 2005   10:31 PM PDT
Whoops. Don't bother answering the question. Nell and Reza wasn't there on Friday.
April 23, 2005   08:39 PM PDT
So what day did you catch Life 3? I caught Friday night.

And good luck for your exams.
April 23, 2005   08:11 PM PDT
i like ur jeans dress. where did u get it from? nice =)
Miss Aida
April 23, 2005   06:29 PM PDT
OMG.... I can't believe how long your entry is! You really document everything on camera, don't you?
April 23, 2005   01:27 PM PDT
boy.. that was the pondok i used to hang out at b4 school started in the mornings! hehehe..

eh.. tanya.. tanya lim? mmm.... ermm.. hahha.. i think she would know dennis' gf too :P hahahah..
April 23, 2005   03:49 AM PDT
ahahaha..yes i like april's blog;D hahaha...soon. fate will be at ur door too one day..

I KNOWWWWWW.. that's what the next few weeks are for..arghh. was just one day..
April 23, 2005   03:39 AM PDT
LOL. So you also reading April's blog heh. Oh my, the world is so small until you would bump into Hann Yong. Hehe! But I am yet to meet Hann Yong though. She uploaded the photo, but I think I have a better view of him in ur photo. :P

Hehe, seems you enjoyed yourself alot hor! But then hor, aren't you supposed to study?? :bppbpbb

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