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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Underrated Sg. Wang Trip

Even though we were ffk-ed by Esther, Amanda and Li Peng, with very legitimate reasons I'm sure, the four of us were still up for the proposed Sg.Wang shopping trip.

Darling Chien drove all of us down with her kai-tou sense of direction. *applause*

We arrived at Sg. Wang at about 12pm and stayed until 8pm. Oh my god. Can you believe the amount of walking we did?? The balls of your feet will feel permanently damaged and your bum feels like it's being dragged all over the floor and your arms are scarred by the heavy weight of shopping bags. All in all it was a good day. During the first half of the shopping trip, we were pretty demotivated save for Chien, the rest of us could not really feel satisfied because we have not bought anything yet!! We were musing about the last trip where we had Abby and Liss with us and how fun and productive it was. We half heartedly scoured a few more floors before we finally ended up on the waste-money-and-time-floor(the floor with Famous Amos on it).. We ended up buying more things than we did last year!!! Our willpower was nonexistent.

It was great fun because the satisfaction from purchasing new possessions is always good! I spent about RM150.. that's like three weeks worth of allowance. But exams are coming up again, so I won't be spending during that period which basically balances out my financial stance. Won't dwell into how much Chien and Mel spent; they are still trying to come to terms with it. Hsien was the one who spent the least. Good on you, girl!

Now for some A-list celebs moments:

Melmel Song and Jojo Lai at the back of the Limo.

We are crazee celebs! Gah!

Chien didn't want Mel to be left out and forced a pair of sunnies onto Mel's face. Just a few days ago, the other three of us bought sunnies from a stall in Midvalley! Such a good price; Buy 2 free one!

For those of you have absolutely no interest in what Sg. Wang is currently putting up on their racks, you can skip the rest of this entry!

A sun dress that the girls decided was just too granny-ish.

This piece is one of the most unbelievable items I've ever come across in my entire shopping career. This is one of those things that you'll muse about when you're old, "Remember that long black dress which costs less than a plate of spaggheti in TGIF?" This long black formal dress is.............only. RM. 20. I know. Mel bought it, I didn't. I know. I know. Go get it yourself. Don't scold me. I KNOW!!

The beautiful tweed shoes that everybody wants from Nose!! I first saw it on Jia Lin and I really really really wanted it...:) It proved to be a little too high for me, but variety is good right?

Going at Rm60, I felt it was just abit steep. I planned to buy it if I did not buy anything from this trip. But we know that it is not possible, so poor pink tweed pumps will have to wait until Nose goes on sale. *crosses fingers*

Aren't they just too cute!?! It's glitter all over with a black ribbon across the front section. So cute!! Tad flimsy though, I mean, all this cheapies.. But Rm50 is not really cheap. Oh well. Nearly bought them.

A beautiful skirt, but I am very sure that I can not fit into it. Ugly belt.

This skirt is just too adorable! Mel's gonna go back and ask her grandma if she knows how to make one. It's just strips of cloths sewn together.

Hsien's been on the lookout for a bohemian(boho) skirt from the beginning of the trip. So many boho skirts!!

Mel looking cute in one!

Chien wants a boho skirt too but was hoping to lower the price by pointing out stains to the owner.

A savvy consumer. *applause*

See the guilt on their faces? We've been spending a tad too much.

It's in all these quaint little boutiques where you can find the perfect piece that suits you. Even though it just screams Lala at a glance, you'll have to sieve through slowly and patiently. Works like a charm, that attitude.

Hsien looking sweet in a dress. She didn't want to get it because the material was too thin. Oh well.

Yeah! I bought this top!! RM33.. Not too bad. Since it's a cleavage-
y top. Am into cleavage-y tops now.

Cute PVC bowling bags going at only RM25! I know I know, but I've already spent RM150. Cannot, I still owe a few people birthday presents. Must refrain.

I saw a bigger version somewhere up on the shelves. I had to take a picture to remind myself how pretty it was. I simply could not fork out another RM30.

Nice ensemble?

Abby, I think you'd look great in this top! The cutting is just so you!

Behind the mirror is Chien changing into an uber funky top at RedRumMurder. Sorry, no pics. Chien doesn't like me taking pics of her in these situations.

You'll only get a picture of Chien's rebonded hair.

Mel's acknowledging the fact that she's gone too far this time. I'm not helping right?

By 7pm, we needed to look for a place to eat. Couldn't really find a place that suited.

A nice view of the back alley.

KL tower in the distance. Yes, me jakun. But I like this picture!

A dinky little shop selling items I can only term, "Khazanah"(It's a malay term for treasures). Hsien bought her "got feel" Boho skirt from this place.

See, we girls live by this theory: We can only really really get it if we have "the feel". We cannot make a purchase half heartedly.

Part of KL by night.

Arghhh.... the backseat was packed with all our paperbags. No more shopping in a long long while. NoOoo.

Here are my other purchases:

This is actually a halter, but the straps are clip-ons, which are actually quite ugly. I prefer it as a tube. Oh.. by the way this is my wardrobe mirror. I stick all the little notes I've gotten from my friends throughout secondary school from my textbook, Valentine's Day, Friendship Days etc.

RM28 for a tube dress!! Nice right?? It's quite comfortable too. I'm quite surprised myself. It's not often I find nice pieces that I can feel truly comfortable in.

YES!! At long last, I've found a nice pair of feather earrings. I've always wanted a pair since the last trip. But oh well!

For RM15 I get a Mickey t-shirt. I didn't try it on at the shop; a bit too tight. ;\

RM15 too! Can you read? I got lei'd on paradise isle! Ooh-er!:D Just as long as it brings the message across! :D

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 2:25:46 pm

April 29, 2005   12:13 AM PDT
sorry for being anal retentive, just a little correction 'khazana' is not a malay term. It's root is from farsi/arabic and hindi/urdu.

April 17, 2005   11:31 PM PDT
aud: lol. we'll visit it again for you...:D hahaha..kidding. faster come home and visit it la;D

expectation: it's Rm10!
April 17, 2005   04:41 PM PDT
ahhh *breathes sigh of relief* oh sg wang how i miss youuuuuuu
April 17, 2005   01:18 PM PDT
Munkit: lol.. for Rm18 you can get a pair too!

Mel: *nods*

aud: Shutterfly was down yesterday!!

chansaire: I KNOW. Just one of those rare items...

Juztin: ahaha... yeah girls day out:) it was fun.. erm, the cutting wasn't THAT flattering in real life..and i won't wear it for prom because it's black and like Chien said the only time i'll wear it would be better don't waste cupboard space;D

debun: ahahhaha.. just tryng to induce..:P
April 17, 2005   04:22 AM PDT
hahaha, cleavage tops eh? nvm, if u have it, flaunt it!!haha
April 17, 2005   03:47 AM PDT
Wah girls day out ehz?? Syok nyerr..Hehe..Btw me thinks u look fab in the black coloured dress!! =) Why didn't buy eh?! 20 bucks only?! Kinda unreal price wor i think..Hehe
April 16, 2005   07:08 PM PDT
wahhhhhhh!!!!!!! 20 bucks for the dress?! amazing...... *gasps*
April 16, 2005   04:54 PM PDT
how come i cant see the pics!!!
April 16, 2005   03:25 PM PDT
haha shopping's fun. don't worry, c, i thin between four of us, we shopped anough for about 10 people :P
April 15, 2005   11:37 PM PDT
esther: after exams laaa:) sabar ye sayang..!

jason: hahaha wah..i'm damn kembang now. lol,yeah ok i'll tell mel that too:P thanks. really have to sieve through everything in explains the 8 hours we spent there. hahaha..awww! yeah.. but amongst lala clothings, you can find something that really really suits.

yeah! 6100! but the paint comes off easily.:(

sHee: ahaha..keng? shopping is fun! got keng wan meh?:P yeah.....but i never dared to "talk price" with them.. too intimidating la:P yeahh..Mel bought it;P

expectation: cantik kan!? they had it in Lime Green, baby blue..purple..etc..

synical: ahahaha.. yeah. the mood can fly away. it's possible:)

meldee: LOl..i know i know i know.. cannot stop taking out the clothes from the cupboard and sighing at it. *sigh*

c: haha..cepat balik malaysia then can shop laa
April 15, 2005   11:09 PM PDT
*jumps off high high high building*

want to go shopping too.. cheeaaapp...
April 15, 2005   09:17 PM PDT
*claps hands in glee* i loooove my stuff. will post pix on my blog soon, tiny brotehr is being an asshole and i'm playing the long-suffering sister. *grumble*

but thinking of my jacket, and my dress, and my shoes...*goes into throes of rapture*
April 15, 2005   08:52 PM PDT
Might check out Sungai Wang once I'm on holiday with money... but I don't have that much patience with me. :)
April 15, 2005   06:44 PM PDT gurls very "kheng"!! But seriously speaking, lotz of good bargains at Sg Wang. I always opt to shop there too (and never bring the guys along, otherwise, let them walk their way, we gurls walk ours :p).

That black dress RM20 is a must buy!!
April 15, 2005   04:43 PM PDT
Hey, you look pretty in those outfits you know, especially the long black dress up there. Mel looks cute too! ;) Wah, i didnt know Sg Wang can get such cool clothes. coz i always think sg Wang very de la la ler. :P No offence yeah! hehe. u really look good in them :D

and i see u are using 6100!! :P yeah, same phone with me :P
April 15, 2005   02:39 PM PDT
ahahahaha. funners..!!! *feels damn left out* *grumbles* so nice lar the skirts!!!

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