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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I am actually wearing my dirty white jacket in the new comp, arena? because it's so cold. Seriously, it's damn huge. Thank you Taylor's College for spoiling me!! I love the new screen, it's got that hazy misty tinge to it. And the colours are so pretty!! All the computers are Dell, Pentium 4(is that new enough? the speed is good) and they're all using Windows XP..and I suspect Taylor's has switched to Streamyx. Finally. It's freezing cold here by the way. I'm surprised as the area is pretty empty. Usually at 2pm it'd be packed with students as most classes end at this time. Oh well, I shouldn't be complaining:) At least I secured a place to blog from college(enjoy doing that).

It's a sad thing that my blog and even my blog archive is still blocked by the ICT department in Taylor's. Grr. I can't even view my blog in my own college. Is my blog even considered rude and offensive?! 

Dental appointment is at 3.30pm and my mum made me stay back till then. I just MIGHT go to the library later and do some maths. And study some chemistry. And maybe abit of biology. ...... or maybe just stay here.

Yesterday was a more productive day for a few of us. As Esther needed to help Li Ming(our secondary school's current Interact president) get Ikea photo frames for their Interact Valentine's Day project, I thought I might as well tag along and get some experience driving on the highway!(my 5th time!)

One bad mistake was having Su-Hsien sitting at the front seat with me. -_-;

It was a smooth ride there as we were all happily telling lame jokes, especially Eunice who has not heard of any of it. Apparently parking at the curve was free!! WOOHoo! The place is beautiful! Even the floor they use for the parking lot is made of a different kind of material. It's so depressing to find out that The Curve won't allow photography.. and we all know how I like bringing my digital camera around!! Anyhow, we made our way to Ikea, crossing those upmarket shopping malls. Le Sigh. The only thing I can afford at those malls is walking around 'em. After spending a good hour or so at Ikea, we proceeded home as most of us were on the verge of getting grilled by our respective parents.

The nightmare with Su-Hsien starts. I would constantly get exasperated tones of "faster cut lane la!! don't so slow!!" or "car car car car car..CARR!". To which I would coldly rebutt with "I'd rather Esther sit in front. Hmph!" (Esther and Eunice would be laughing behind enjoying our squabbling). I even got scolding from Hsien for being in the wrong toll lane when I was only slightly less than a 100 metre away from the damn toll. Then I would ask her to shut up, and she said, "sorry la, comes with experience," and I would mock her, "ExPEriEnCe, ExpEriENce~~". LOL. Worst than my father la you Sush! :D And when I missed the turning to NKVE and turned into TTDI.. you should've seen the look on Su-Hsien's face. She was screaming my name, or rather the whole car was screaming my name as my car swung into the congested district of TTDI. *sigh*. Got another bit of shelling from Hsien when I told her I don't read signboards and was only relying on them to tell me which lane to keep to and went to turn. LOL. This is not the worst, apparently when Esther first got her license, Hsien used to hold on to Esther's steering wheel. LOL.. *sigh*

Asia Cafe is finally opened!! After months and months and months of waiting... the variety of food is so great I don't even know where to start!! There is the famous Hong Kong Wan Tan Mee, China ramen(with action man showing his ramen making skills), Japanese food, herbal chicken, braised duck, seafood.. oh man, ENDLESS. I had yee mee though. Only for RM3.50! You'd think a specialty hawker cnetre would have jacked up the price. There are also so many drinks to choose from. I had Longan Ice for only Rm2. The mug it came in was as high as 15cm!! Is that worth it or what? The concept is similiar to Ming Tien in Taman Megah. Which I think is really good. Have yet to explore the place. But Barry told me that the toilets are air-conditioned.(He plans to have his lunch in there one day). Great food at affordable prices and such a huge seating capacity and only right next to the college, lunch will never be the same. No more boring old Mee Yoke, Success, Sea View, McDonalds, Burger King, Salmon Steak, Cabana, Peppercorn or Rafis. No more!

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 2:42:00 pm

January 19, 2005   09:34 PM PST
chansaire: lol!! i did..i in fact. hahahaha.. they asked me to write the site down and they will investigate it. lol:) *crosses fingers*

keen: eheh..good idea!! but i don't have a camera phone and besides i'd like to upload them onto my blog..

sush: yeah numbskull is more u!

meldee: wahahahaha..u like white roses or not? lol.. i like white roses. i'm opting for a glass coffin, what about you? ;D ;D
January 19, 2005   07:59 PM PST
jo: you and i both know i would have pulled over by the side of the road and kicked the screaming fella out. ROTFL. (she's so gonna kill me for this) *does a Ben Shyen* "Hiiiiii Su-Hsiennnnnn....!!!" *big grin*
January 19, 2005   04:48 PM PST
all the bahs and blehs?
hehehe. The bah's are my own. :) I've been saying it for sometime now. why? Numbskull is better?
January 18, 2005   11:44 PM PST
oh hey... hahaha speaking of college computers....
i tried to log into your's and barry's blog on the college comp....
then suddenly received the msg "you are banned from thie website; your activity has been recorded bla bla.."
scared me to death!

you shd bring this up to ICT. ;D

January 18, 2005   11:44 PM PST
oh hey... hahaha speaking of college computers....
i tried to log into your's and barry's blog on the college comp....
then suddenly received the msg "you are banned from thie website; your activity has been recorded bla bla.."
scared me to death!

you shd bring this up to ICT. ;D

January 18, 2005   11:36 PM PST
sush: awwww =(

esther: heeeeee..:D

eunice: lol, yea!!! =) must do this often. we are damn spontaneous eh?:D do keep us updated on esther's mad wishes.

meldee: =) now, if u were me, on the ldp, with ah suhsien, .....

sush: lol. what's with the constant usage of bah and blehs? learnt from who?
January 18, 2005   11:35 PM PST
You missed out Melur :P
January 18, 2005   11:11 PM PST
argh, sod all of you....
I'm not THAT bad ...bah.
January 18, 2005   09:53 PM PST
hahahahahahahaha. omigod. i never want to drive with su-hsien in my car weh. for sure she'll give herself a heart attack and me, high blood pressure.

ooh i went to asia cafe also just now! with vjay and wen bin and their mates. niice.
January 18, 2005   09:40 PM PST
Hey Jolene, SuHsien and Esther.. It was fun going with you guys to IKEA!! And Estee was already saying *again* that she wanna go IKEA today!! Hehehe... See you all!
January 18, 2005   08:53 PM PST
hahahahhahhahahahahahahhahahhaa.... yesh yesh!!!
January 18, 2005   06:16 PM PST
i dowanna give you anymore lifts home liao...HMPH!

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