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Friday, December 24, 2004

Langkawi Trip 2004

*proceeds to cut off long fingernails to type this million-word long Langkawi trip entry comfortably*

No surprises that practically all 17 of us who went to langkawi had a sort of cough/cold/sorethroat. Sigh, Langkawi was a good chance for all of us to get together. On the first day I didn't really enjoy myself too much and wondered how I was going to while away the 3 more days there.

I then realized that I was actually suffering from PMS. Imagine, me, having a mood swing due to hormones! *smiles brightly* I am more of a woman as the years go by! I did enjoy myself after that night. :) Sorry for being a prune to all who went, it's the damn hormones.

To start off this undoubtly lengthy entry, I'll tell you who went. The girls would be Me, Hsien, Min Dee, Chien, Amanda, Abby and Melissa. The guys would be Chee Kiang, Ji Yang, Chun Guan, Kevin, Chun Meng, Zhuo Yan, Marcus, E-guy, Nigel and Kwo Kuang.

From where I last left you hanging, I proceeded to catch Joey Episode 11 that I just finished downloading and headed straight off to the Subang KTM station. After everyone(me, chee kiang, chunguan and zhuo yan) arrived, it was off to KL Sentral for a bit of a meal before going onto the 12 hour train ride up to Langkawi!

Nothing like McDonalds when you're in a rush. That'll be Zhuo Yan.

Me da vampire and chee Kiang having some fries too.

"All Aboard....!"- looks like a scene from The Polar Express.

l-r: Chee Kiang, Chun Guan and Zhuo Yan(who was sitting on my bunk). I ran out to take this before the train started it's 12 hour *groan* journey. Too bad Chun Guan's face was flashed at.

At about 1am, we reached some ulu stop and Chun Guan and Zhuo Yan ran out the train to pose for me. I was sitting on Zhuo Yan's bunk when  I took this.

Just to let you have a view of the inside of the berth.

That's me at about 2am/3am at a stop in Ipoh! Chilly, y'kno!

In the cafeteria; l-r: Zhuo Yan and Chee Kiang

My yucky milo panas from the train cafeteria. I HATE it when I have undissolved solutes in my drink. Yuck yuck.

I woke up almost every hour whenever the train deccelerates before a stop. This is taken at about 7am.

Have a look at the speed we were going at!

Some sceneries..Rainforest-ey!

Sawah padi ke?

Found out that my period came; heavy and by the buckets. GRRRR. Try changing out of jeans into a fat pad on a rattling train on tracks as old as your parents perhaps.

After bypassing Alor Setar and feeling that the station looked very familiar.. but the ticket we had said Arau. So we just let it be and started to worry when the view became more and more kampungy. It was like padi fields, padi fields, solitary kampung houses, stoned cows looking at us, padi fields.. sudden flyovers, kampung houses, until we reached this station that was almost made of sand. We finally reached Arau.

Remember, Langkawi is in Kedah right?


What the hell were we doing in Kangar(Perlis)?!?

It was pretty worrying but it seemed as if all the taxi drivers knew our destinations so it started to make sense. A trip to the jetty would set you back RM16. After innocently cutting half the price of the cab fare, Chun Guan scolded me for being so naive and took over the job of arranging for stuffs. After picking out a taxi driver that he 'trusted', we were ushered to a metal scrap. The four of us were so worried that if we so much as put our bags in the car, the car would just break into pieces. The boot had ants crawling inside it and I had no choice but to put my big luggage in the boot. I climbed in the backseat and sank right in as there were absolutely NO springs left in the cushion. Zhuo Yan said he was worried that the window would just fall out when I proceeded to wind down the window(no air con). The hood of the car rattled as the cab cruised along the almost-empty highway. The guys said that the car sounded like it was about to blow up at about 60km/h.

Cramming in the back.

Ah, finally, the jetty. We were bombarded with offers for Island Hopping and Pulau Payar Snorkeling Trips. The Snorkeling Trip is crazy. Just to snorkel, you fork out RM90/RM130.

Whilst having Breakfast at Kuala Perlis(jetty), this man showed us all the langkawi attractions and we were also asking him about the car rental rates. I became pretentious and said we rented three wira autos last year for RM80 each. He said, "Bolehlah, Kancil!". Ish, so snappy. He was quite scary really, persistent and all. He was also rubbing his mousey hair and mumbling about how he only gets somuch-somuch a day if he can at least rent out 5 cars and how sad it is and bla bla bla. After hearing him nagging for about 20 minutes, we had to cut him off. We felt so bad.

Fortunately the ferry was only a short wait. After 45 minutes, the four of us arrived in Langkawi!

It was sort of windy!

A very bad attempt at camwhoring.

Abit of Langkawi to start you off..

Langkawi water is not the best..though it looks nice and shimmery under the bright afternoon sun!

The famous Langkawi landmark. Some helang thingie.

Upon reaching Tanjung Sanctuary, I held my breath as the entrance looked more like an entrance to a butterfly farm/bird park/zoo. The road was not more than 3 metres wide and it curved here and there and it goes steeply downhill amidst lush greenery left and right.

Checked in for all of us and took the keys. Was abit doubtful by the condition of the place at first because the reception, swimming pool, cafe was at the same area and it was pretty small. But the great thing was that our rooms were really individual units and almost chalet like. Although our rooms were on stilts, but not in the water. It would have been better eh? Fishing would have been on the agenda! Two conjoining rooms were considered one unit. It was really private and secluded! I went into the room and was taken aback by the amazing size. It was bigger than some suites I have seen. The ceilings were so high that if you released a helium balloon you would not have been able to get it down. The balcony was as long as three normal hotel balconies put together. The first we did though was head right into the bathroom. Which was pretty big in size. I'd say it was the size of my dining room. Maybe slightly smaller, but you get my drift. What it lacks in condition, it makes up for size. The wooden floor was obviously drenched before and some were actually coming up. The sliding door was scary because it could be dislodged. Most of the plugs in our room weren't working. But SIZE. That's all I care.

The rest who took the plane came soon after our bath.

Kwo Kuang the hiau por.

Amanda and I lazing at the balcony.

A cool picture of Kwo Kuang when he locked me outside and said that I was a mischievious monkey. sheesh.

l-r: Sush and Amanda. Sorry ya! Candid!

This is taken from the balcony. It's HUGE right?

maggi mee is a staple for us.

l-r: amanda and I maggi-ing.

..chor tai ti. as the weather was just too hot to be at the beach.

We then proceeded down to the beach anyway!

That's Amanda waddling around.

My feet in the waters of Langkawi island.

The view from the beach!

Chee Kiang climbing the rocks. Can you see Amanda?

Marcus the Tai Kwai Tou.

Failed camwhoring. Love the scenery though!


Rock hoppin'!

Amanda and I dipping our toes into a puddle of seawater.

Kwo Kuang naik syok adi.

Do you know that this is the first time I've seen a starfish? And that it is actually in abundance?

It looks like something I'd use to decorate my art work with.

I held four on my palm. Kwo Kuang said, "F-U-C-K. Teet. Censor!"

"..I bet they don't, reprimand their daughters.. bright young woman, sick of swimming, ready to standddd....." - I put a real starfish on the side of my head. I can't remember who put it there first though. I liked it so much! So mermaid-ish! It stays because it's got weird moving extensions that clings onto my hair. I'm not at all disgusted. *puts on brave face*

A baby crab!

I collected 26 starfish! I think my aunty might like to use it for her cards. Then i remember living organisms rot. Le Sigh.

There were tons of monkeys around.

They were harmless though.

Chien was afraid of the monkeys and daren't come any closer.

After that, we all decided to go swimming. The pool at Tanjung Sanctuary is quite crappy to say the least. And I had my period but since everybody was swimming, I thought I should too. I planned ahead, I brought tampons. How was I to know there are different sizes?! .. And trust me to buy the largest bitchiest one. It took me 15 minutes to get it in, and everytime I coughed, it felt like it popped out abit more.ARGH!! And pulling it out was a real bitch I tell you. Since it has bloated up inside due to the menstruation soaking, it was soooo painful to be taken out. It's like it's pulling my insides along with it. I think I just might know what it's like to give birth.

Amanda was kind enough to straighten my hair!

l-r: Hsien, MinDee, Amanda and Me.

We decided to have our barbecue that night. The sad thing was that I bought 60 sausages and two big bags of chicken balls and Chien planned to check it in. But alas, it was not allowed aboard. Sadness. Money spent again. *sigh*. Fortunately Langkawi too has places where barbecue food stuff are readily accessible.

Getting the disposable bbq pit ready.

Actually there are more food stuffs! We were quite full that night. Surprisingly.

While some of us were slaving away, some others were.............

Min Dee really stood up for us womankind during this trip. She started the barbecue fire when the guys could not, she drove the manual car when the guys could not. Wahahahaah! Min Dee Power!

That'll be Kwo Kuang fanning the barbecue fire.  I love the effect of the sparks and my opened-shutter shot.

We had our barbecue just outside our rooms! If you can see properly, I lit a few of my tealights and put them into plastic cups.

Arsonists at heart. l-r: Nigel and kwo kuang.

Surprisingly there was enough for everyone to eat! Last year was absolutely sad.. we all went back with an empty stomach.

Chien, as always, got herself stuck in the room preparing the burger bread for us.

The other pit that was manned mostly by Chun Meng and Amanda.

Since Marcus' birthday was on the 20th, we all got him a cake and surprised him in his room!

l-r: Ji Yang and Chun Meng.
Ji yang was hiding the cake under the pillow..

I don't know where they found that huge crude candle in the middle.

Someone then pushed Marcus in the room from the balcony and we all screamed the birthday song.

hahaha.. someone naik syok adi! Marcus was so touched.

clockwise from top left: Kevin, Ji Yang, Chee Kiang, Nigel, Kwo Kuang, Chun Guan, E-Guy, Marcus, Zhuo Yan and Chun Meng.

top row l-r: Hsien, Liss, Manda, Min Dee
bottom row l-r: Abby, Marcus, Chien and Myself

I think that night my PMS-ness really got to me and I was like quiet and reserved most of the time. Surprisingly quite a handful noticed it and Chun Meng even said, "Oei, not like you la. Why never whack ass one? Whack la wei!" .. lol. I was taken aback, this was the guy who would run screaming whenever he saw my hand coming near. But I think that goes back to a time when Abby was not considered a body part of his yet. Tee-hee.

You know, even when you're PMS-ing, camwhoring can still take place.

The next morning I woke up at about 11am and Chee Kiang and kwo Kuang asked me to come out to see a 'big lizard'. It was only a gecko. But nevertheless my camera will have one of it, thank you.

Liss and Kevin went kayaking and we decided that we wanted to do that too. But they didn't wait for us and we lost them immediately. *grumble, grumble*. If they waited for us we would have gone kayaking too.. *grumble, grumble*. Anyway, at least we checked out the beach again and found a swing hanging on a tree branch.

Chee Kiang and I

l-r: Chun Guan, Min Dee, Hsien.
Min Dee loves her legs here!

l-r: Chun Guan, Abby, Zhuo Yan and Chun Meng

In this picture, Chun Guan was saying, "EH! Your leg got worm." To which I retorted without looking down, "i damn scared." and then after snapping this picture, I looked down and I saw this centipede-ish thing wriggling away and SCREAMED and SCREAMED.. YARGH!!! SO GELI!!! How I know there was really a worm on my leg?! I couldn't even feel it! UGHH.

Since we couldn't go kayaking, and due to Hsien's persistent requests, we headed back to the pool. But I could not bring myself to swim as I didn't want to use the damn tampons again.

The pools not great. So shallow and pointless.

Just a little further was already the sea. During the mornings we saw local women banging the rocks collecting barnacles. Whatever for I wonder?

Another one.

Chee Kiang went to tan himself by the rocks.

Looking for a spot.

l-r: Chien, Kwo Kuang, E-guy, marcus.

Pity I couldn't go in. le Sigh.

The place was really quiet, as if it was only us around.

Soon after, we all went out dinner but they wanted to stop at this burger stand for awhile to get a bite.

Sort of like a Ramly burger place.

Chun Guan pai pose again.

Zhuo Yan asked me to tell the guy that I was from TV3 or something so that we'd get free burgers.

How often do you get all your friends to stand together with you at a roadside burger stand back in Subang? Situations like this only happens in langkawi.

This would be the table to eat. l-r: E-guy, Nigel, Kwo Kuang.

I didn't buy one though because of my bad experiences with road side burgers and dinner was in an hour's time anyway.

The burger.

i love sunlight lit pictures!
clockwise from left: Chien, Marcus, Kevin, Chunguan and Amanda.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE. Everyone's here save for Kev, Liss, Abby and Chun Meng.
clockwise from top left: Nigel, E-guy, Marcus, Kwo Kuang, Chun Guan, Hsien, Ji yang, Zhuo Yan,Chee Kiang, ME, Min Dee, Amanda, Chien.

After dinenr we drove around but mostly on a wild good chase/merry go round. Ji Yang led the way and we ended up u-turning here and there most of the time. The Suzuki ERV(?) could fit 7 people. But I tell you, the engine was situated below the car or something and goddamn it sure was hot. I really believe my Reef flip flops would melt away and my skin scorched.
l-r: Hsien and I.

l-r: Zhuo Yan and Chee Kiang.

The wild goose chase. Min Dee's driving the wira in front. MANUAL ok!

Kevin following closely behind. ;)

We decided to check out the Pelangi hotel there and all 17 of us strided in cooly like a bloody class trip. A security guard pointed us the way out.

It always happens when you lack end up with no plans. We hung around the carpark while the guys played a game of...get this; Catch.

l-r: Chun Guan, Marcus, Zhuo Yan and E-guy.

That's us, sadly hanging around. *sigh*

l-r: Zhuo Yan and Kwo Kuang camwhoring. This was actually taken when they both popped their heads out of the sunroof. They had to come down as soon as possible because Min Dee who was driving the Suzuki was screaming at them with swear words I've never even heard of before.

Taken from the sun roof!
l-r: E-guy, Me, Chee Kiang.

It was decided that we head back to Tanjung Sanctuary first!

The girls decided it was time for some serious group photo taking.

Our lovely cameraman for the night, Mr. Nigel Ong.

Chien's first attempt at Camwhoring~!

l-r: Chun Guan and Chien

l-r: Chien, Nigel, Min Dee, Abby, Manda, Hsien and Myself.

Chun Guan also wanted one of him with the females.

Actually we took many more 'hiau'/'tu-lan'/'bitchy face' pictures.. but I don't know who's camera took it all.

l-r: Abby and Chun Meng

l-r: Ji Yang, Chun Guan, Nigel and Kevin

Somemore chor-tai-ti-ing.

Kwo Kuang posing for me. Weirdo.

Out of boredom, they decided to bully E-guy that night.

Poor E-guy being carried to the bed to be piled upon.

E-guy is down there somewhere.. lol! And to think they're 18. *Shakes head*

The couples camwhoring. l-r: Lissandkev, Chunmengandabby.

Zhuo Yan wanted to see if his hair is long enough yet. Tak jadi lah Zhuo Yan! Haha!

We then headed out for mamak. All 17 of us. What a sight to behold!

There you go..! No mozzies too! How nice!

The drinks were too sweet and apparently the food was great. Though I didn't try any. I hardly eat when I go mamak. Poor Kevin had food poisoning after eating a squid there.

When we went back, it was proposed that the drinking session was to be held that night. Ji Yang played host. Sadly, no one got drunk. I stayed up till 4am, fueled by high expectations from last year's trip, ended up disappointed. Sigh.

Ji Yang trying to get us in the mood.

All waiting to see show.

All 17 of us could easily sit around ONE room.

Marcus was probably a bit tipsy already because he kept telling us about how his handphone got stolen by the monkeys and is now the God to the monkeys and how they bow to it and all. LoL. I wanted to take one of him laughing madly on the deck chair but he jumped up and said, "DON'T SHOW MY MOTHER!!" and posed nicely for me by the balcony. LOL. Poor Marcus, last year he lost his handphone while jumping in the sea. This time he lost it to some monkeys at Tanjung Sanctuary.

I think the main reason we could not go on drinking was because of the lack of coke. There was still a quarter left. I myself had 2 and a half cup of whiskey coke.

Chee Kiang making an attempt at camwhoring. Me looking on proudly amidst the many paper cups.

We stayed four to a room but us girls stayed 5 to a room. The price was not too bad either! RM220 for a night! Decided by 5. Times 2. Not bad at all!

I proceeded to take a bath after the photo above and discovered that my towel fell over the balcony. :( It had acorn type of peelings stuck onto the towel. Gross. I still used it though. What could I do? *scratches bum*.

The really long balcony.

One good thing about the place is that you could just park your car outside your room and just walk straight in.

A brighter one of Chun Guan coming over.

Then it was off to Awana Porto Malai for the last night.

E-guy taking care of all the bags!

The front part of Awana.

The view from the main entrance.

After unloading our luggages, we went for lunch and did some duty free shopping. Kwo Kuang, Chien and Su-Hsien bought SO MANY chocolates. CHien spent Rm200+, Kwo Kuang about RM200 and Hsien about Rm180 on chocolates!! *sweat*

l-r: Min Dee and Kwo Kuang. Madness.

Cadbury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..

I like Hersheys too.. but I only buy it to satiate my craves. Not for keeping.

Of course there would be some alcohol shopping right? But obviously I have no need to get any so I just humoured myself by taking some pictures of the stuff around.

Reminds me of the vials and vials of potions in Harry Potter.

Su-Hsien getting some for her mum.

Gin. Wow. Copper (II) Sulphate.

I don't know what it is, but it looks cool enough.


It was back into the Suzuki oven as 3pm was the time to check into Awana.

Decided to take somemore pictures that no one would enjoy but me.

A picture from the back of the Suzuki.

I think it was Melissa driving.

We checked into the hotel and unloaded our luggages and lazed around abit. And would you believe what the less sensible ones among us did? We played R-O-C-K, ROCK. Can you remember that game?!
Hahaha, Liss, Me, Abby, Min Dee and Su-Hsien sat around a circle and played this naming game.
It starts with us linking our pinkies and swinging it to the middle of the circle with each syllable as we chanted "R-O-C-K, ROCK!". *clap thrice*, "NAME IT!" *clap,clap,clap*. "5 Kinds!"(there were 5 of us). *Clap,clap,clap* and someone would start off by naming a certain catergory ie. Shops In Pyramid. LOL. It was quite fun really. After nearly 8 years of not playing the game. Hahahaha. Then things got funnier when categories became directed at Chien who was counting money(she handled our finances). Categories became: "People Who Piss Chien off", "Guys Who Liked Chien", "Brands Chien likes", "Shoes that Chien has" etc. LOL. See Chien, we were only getting back at you for not wanting to join in. There was another one at Melissa's expense. "Silly situations that Melissa has been in". Too many to name, honestly. LOL.

We then decided to head down to the pool and I thought that I may as well try Min Dee's slimmer tampons. So there I was in the bathroom absent mindedly trying to fit it in while my mind wandered elsewhere and after awhile I pulled the applicator out and surprisingly the tampon was no longer there!! I could barely feel it in me! And it wasn't even painful! I think it's the damn size.

I'm now happy!

Upon reaching the pool area, everyone else was playing monkey with the new ball they bought save for Amanda and Chee Kiang who were tanning themselves. Imagine, all 12 of us taking up almost the entire pool forming a circle playing monkey with a ball. Once again, I must add, all 18 year old us. hahaha, What fun! Chee Kiang was saying that the two black guys who were in the pool with us looked as if they'd like to join in the fun. LOL. Kesian. Most of the time Marcus was the monkey!

Kevin and Liss were upstairs because Kevin was feeling unwell. Sigh, poor dear.

At first none of us dared to, but then we were like, argh, fark it! We headed straight into the kiddy pool that was pretty similiar to Sunway Lagoon.

I think l-r: Kwo Kuang, ZhuoYan, E-guy, Ji Yang.

I can't tell who's who. But at least you get the picture.

l-r: Kwo Kuang I think, Nigel, Chun Guan, E-guy, Ji Yang and Chee Kiang.

Amanda, Abby and Chien up on the slide.

Silly Zhuo Yan!

I like this picture because the water falling down from the mushroom looks like fairy lights.

Oh wait, this is the one that looks like fairy lights.

l-r: I can't see who, Nigel? Chee Kiang, Me.

OMG LOOK AT JI YANG. HAHAHAHAA. What a silly expression.
l-r: Ji Yang, E-guy and Me.

The back of Kwo Kuang.

The two non-swimmers, but they learnt pretty fast!
Nigel and Kwo Kuang.

the lot of us!
top row l-r: Chun Meng, Sush, Abby, Chee Kiang, Me, Kwo Kuang, Chun Guan, Chien
bottom row l-r: Ji Yang, E-guy, Nigel and Zhuo Yan.

Another one.

And another.

Chun Guan loves his body.

Another pose. Though not that great.

Chien so cute!!

Abby and Amanda and Nigel

l-r: Chee Kiang, Kwo Kuang, Chun Meng, Abby, Amanda and hahaha, Nigel.

OOooOh.. Sexy boy! This would be E-guy. Looks different without his glasses.

Melissa came down to control the water cannons.

Abby and I playing hand games with our feet. "Zet, zet, zet, bom, bom, bom, strawberry, strawberry, up and down.......".

I love the effect of this picture. Look at the sunlight.

It was time for a round of chicken fight!

Nigel battling it out with Amanda.

It's a fun game. Only the lighter ones get to wrestle though.

Zhuo Yan's turn!

Chien all a-lonesome.

Abby looks so adorable there. Hahahha. Chek Hsien out.

After the swim, I went on to do some camwhoring. Hsien has one here too.. but she forbids to put it up. Oh well.

While waiting for our turns to use the bathroom.
l-r: Melissa, HSien and Abby.

l-r: Liss, Hsien, Abby and Me.

l-r: hsien and Me.

camwhoring; take one!

camwhoring; take two!

Hahahah, Chien was washing her hair while waiting for her turn to use the abthroom and she twisted her hair up on her head akin to a Thai goddess. I made her stand in front of the yellow lamp hence the yellow glow radiating from her.

All of us got our hair straightened courtesy of Amanda's uber cool ceramic hair straightener.

Camwhoring; take 3!

I think this one is Liss' superb camwhoring skills. She looks good here!
Heck, we all do!
l-r: Hsien, Me and Liss.

We had our dinner at Palmview Restaurant.. an outdoor restaurant with green carpeting. Right. The food was abit too spicy for me though. After dinner I went pario shopping nearby!! Only RM14 for the parrio/dresses. Bought three.

The restaurant.

The cacat signboard.

l-r: Chun Meng, Abby, Me, Chee Kiang.

I think this are the praying mantis prawns.. hm.

Crabs. I love crabs.

E-guy got tired.

Kwo Kuang going crazy over Min Dee's soooooo cool phone. Marcus buat ternga-nga look.

Camwhoring; take 4!

l-r: Kwo Kuang(still obsessing over Min Dee's phone), Nigel, Marcus, Ji Yang and Zhuo Yan.

Min Dee having a good laugh.

LOL this picture is so cute!!
They were doing piece signs with their toes.
l-r: chien and Min dee.

I'm trying to act demure. Ahem.

After Chien settled the finances, we were lazing around one of the guys' rooms and we were finally told what the constant laughing at Marcus throughout the entire trip was about. We were treated to a dramatic display of the story by Marcus himself. LoL. The subject was: Marcus Forgot To Pack His Underwear.

The scene started off with Marcus who was at the arrival hall at KLIA with an Aussie slang.
Marcus(motioning at a waiting room to an attendant): Does this go to Lang-ka-wey? (after getting a confirmation), Oh, oh, thank you.

Then he pretends to sit at the departure hall's waiting room like an executive and makes a mental check list of the things that he packed. He was like, "T-shirts? Yes, good. T-shirts." Then he went, "Socks? Good. Socks is good.. Good." .... "hmm, what else?"

Then he started chuckling to himself. LOL. Aiyah, you should have been there to see that look in his eyes, sort of like a faraway stare and laughing to himself type of expression. HHAHAHAA. We were practically peeing in our pants.

He went to the duty free shop to buy disposable undies. LOL. Don't worry Marcus, I wore disposable undies too. LOL.

He was walking along the beach on the first day with Kwo Kuang, and he said to Kwo Kuang, "You're my friend right?" and Kwo Kuang was like, "what?" and then Marcus said, "I tell you something.." ..

*whisper, whisper*

"HAHAHRHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..HAHAHAHA.." Kwo Kuang was practically rolling on the beach with laughter. It was non-stop.

The story comes with a short sketch..

Marcus the underpants stealer since he has no underpants of his own. if you see clearly you could see that he's wearing a yellow netting on his head. LOL.

Oh before I took this picture, he said again, "Don't show my mother ar!" LOL LOL LOL!!

Marcus' mother is quite a character. A nice lady, but very famous for her unique attitude. There was once Abby was on her way up to Marcus' room and his mother stood at the stairs and said, "Girls cannot go upstairs!"! And another time when I met his mother at a bookshop one afternoon, and thinking that she did not recognize me, but alas I was wrong because she was staring at me and I just meekly introduced myself and said, "Hello Aunty, I'm Jolene, Marcus' friend." And Aunty said, "Hm, no need to study ar?" HAahaha. Damn cute.

After that we wanted to check out a tiny club at the hotel called Ground Zero. The "club" was practically empty and yet they didn't allow us in because we did not comply the rules. By the way, isn't it so bitchy the line where it says, "Only trendy people who enjoy fun time and good music are allowed into gO."

Ugh, read the third last line. "the management reserves the NIGHT to deny access to any guests who misbehave bla bla.." ... Hello?! Night?! .. Wtf..

We were walking around when I saw this sign thing that says how many kilometres away is Zurich/Taipei/Hong kong/New York/Kuala Lumpur/Bali etc.

The rest then went off to have some mamak but Min Dee and I were too tired and we slept right till the morning.

A picture of Nigel(who is always asleep).

Just a few more pictures of the view from our room.

The kiddy pool.

The hotel pool.

Another view. Sorry for boring you.

Our messy hotel room.

Conjoining with the other one.

Enough is enough. I had to wake Nigel up. With my flash. HAw:D

Before we left, we decided it was indeed a need for abit more camwhoring.

Camwhoring skills deteriorating, should have asked someone to take a pic for us.

And when you get it alright, the sun is bloody behind. :(

The jetty at Awana. Beautiful.

Isn't the view perfect?

And of course I had to be a part of the view too. ;)

Once again we pile back onto the cars. Honestly, we drove around so much, I think my sunburnt was mostly contributed by sitting in the car driving around Langkawi in the afternoons.

Whilst I'm in the car, I just get trigger happy. Bear with me.

OOh! I forgot to tell you. There was one night where Zhuo Yan took over the manual car and apparently he could not find the headlights. He only managed to turn it on just in time to see this sharp turn right in front and it was too late to change the gears and his car "touched"(in his own words) the curb. Chun Meng said that there was smoke. Right.

Another one.

Our last lunch together was at this quiet restaurant called Prawn Bay. The food was not too bad! Next time if you eat out with a big group, make sure you get to be in Ji Yang's group. He really looked like a big boss calling all the dishes. We had some cool fish(snapper i think?), chicken, veggie, taufoo, fruits etc. And it only came up to Rm13 per person! Cheap or not?

The restaurant was just EMPTY. :) Good food, nice breeze, empty, by the sea, great company, what else rocks more?

Somemore pictures of the aquariums at the restaurant.

Soft willow-ish trees..

The sea across the road.

l-r: MinD, Kev, Liss, kuang.

l-r: Manda, Chien, Hsien.

l-r: Ji Yang, Chun Guan, E-guy, Nigel and Chee Kiang.

The big boss type of dishes.

l-r: Chun Meng, Zhuo Yan, Ji Yang and Chun Guan.

After lunch we headed to the Langkawi Shopping Mall(or something like that). Over here I actually bought quite alot of things. o_o!! 

A few of us were in a very bad mood when we came upon Coco Valley.

Ritter Sport at the Duty Free Shopping Centre was RM5.50 for one.

If you can't afford it, just take a picture. (HINT: Jolene is a big of Guylian Chocolates. Can try seducing me with it.)

Some cool flip flops or rather flats were going for RM8. Too bad they didn't have the nicer onesin my size(size 8).. I'd have snap a few if they did.

I thought it looked nice.

Finally the trip was coming to an end. But with a couple of hours spent at the airport doing nothing would just lead to a million more photographs.

l-r: E-Guy, Hsien, min Dee and Kwo Kuang. Amanda loves taking pictures, yeah?

Kwo Kuang's second hand imitation shoes which cost RM15.00.

So many bags!
l-r: Me, Hsien, Chien, Liss and Amanda.

Kwo Kuang and Manda camwhoring.

My feet and Kwo Kuang's. Verdict on the flip flops: PERFECT~~ Though I was quite worried about it getting all melted at the back of the Suzuki(hot as hell, literally). I walked along the beach in it and I got sand all over the little ornaments and now it looks even more beach-ey. :D YAY!

13.3kg. Rm600/Rm1000 in total. One bag full of chocolates to be checked in. Not mine. A collection of all who bought.

Kwo Kuang got trigger happy with my camera.

Chun Meng   

Zhuo Yan

Chee Kiang


Chun Guan

Chun Guan and the bags.

How sweet... and they didn't even wear it on purpose.
Abby and Chun Meng.

Kevin and Me enjoying a good massage.

Kev and Liss.

A very nice and unique picture of Liss and beverages.

I'm sorry for being non-sensical.

Checking in..!

=D I never knew I could take a picture of THIS!

This being the first time I'm on a plane with my friends.:)

l-r: Chee Kiang, Turbo/Propellar thingie?

Just a random shot.

Inside Air Asia's plane.

From here onwards would be pictures and pictures of the skies outside the window.

Doesn't it look like snow?




It looks like it's a giant wave, but no, it's still the sky.

The view from above!

Plantations galore!

Min Dee and Chien.

Lazy Manda, making Kwo Kuang her slave.

l-r: Kwo Kuang, Small Mr.Bean's Teddy Bear, Big Mr.Bean's Teddy bear, Amanda.

We rented a Mercedes van to fetch us back to our homes. Only Rm150 and it fit all 11 of us. Amazing.

Thank you Zhuo Yan for sending me home. Even though his tire had a flat.

Ahhh.. the things I bought from Langkawi. ;) ;).

This damn cool pink bag. Only RM20. Was torn between a blue one and this one. Chee Kiang said this was better. Thanks for helping me make this decision! *am happy after making purchases*

Bought this batik-ey nighty for my mother. It was actually going for Rm17 but the kind lady gave it to me for RM14.

This dress was from the same shop as the bag. Only RM30 for a sun dress. It's got a very Stepford's Wife feel to it!

Meant this as something to wear to bed. But Hsien said it's ok to wear to college. Hahaha, dare I?! Also Rm14.. 3 bucks down! Whoohoo!

If this photo is dark, it's my brother's fault. Also RM14. But not too nice. Maybe I shall wear it to sleep, I meant to anyway.

My brother also bought new stuff from Sunway Pyramid. (the attire).

I bought my mum a chinese silk pyjamas, well, sort of. It was only RM22.90. Quite pretty!

PHEW! I'm finally done with the entry. It took me nearly four hours including the uploading of the pictures and the insertion of pictures into my blog and of course the typing. *wipes sweat*

Conclusions from Langkawi trip:

1. Expect nothing and come home not disappoin

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 2:39:59 am

December 30, 2004   12:55 AM PST
December 26, 2004   01:42 PM PST
ali: yeah! it was!

narrowband: haha..yeah, that's me, me and my camera, always and always. :)
nah not as active as yours. i wish we went island hopping too... i keep saying that to everyone: i wish i went island hopping.
December 26, 2004   01:19 PM PST
wow! many, many pictures! *blink blink! pictures! *blink blink*

nice holiday i see! so happy for you. my trip to langkawi was a few days before yours - we went by train, and returned by train too.
December 25, 2004   11:19 AM PST
Wow! CoOL!
December 25, 2004   03:00 AM PST
c: =) organize one then. it's worth it.

baz: oh, it's something good?

khong: =) good to know you're enjoying life there. and good to hear you're being very nice to the people there:D keep it up
k' hong
December 25, 2004   02:09 AM PST
i juz had aSahi for christmas eve dinner over here!!! it taste really good!! kekekeke i miss LANGKAWI!!! T_T , what is this fark here and there barry?
December 24, 2004   07:13 PM PST
December 24, 2004   05:42 PM PST
i feel like going on a holiday with my frens now...

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