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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Major Shopping Trip

Was so tired after a long day scouring the entire Sungei Wang for the best purchases our allowances allow. My legs were aching so bad, cramping right up to the thighs. But it's a happy feeling! I've had one of the best day outs ever in a loooong time. Yeah, bloody 7 weeks of examination. :)  We walked into (almost)every single shop that appealed to us and tried on almost ANYTHING that appealed to us. I haven't been this happily tired in a long long while.

Abby and Mel were supposed to come over to my place at 8-ish yesterday morning. But because of Mel's grandfather's death(my condolences), she felt bad about visiting me because of the belief that a family member of a deceased should not visit anyone's home within a hundred days of his death. Chien cleverly derived a plan that would allow Melody to NOT step foot into anyone's house and for her mother not to have to go all over Subang picking us up plus Jian Yung from tuition. The girl sent her driver to my place with her MPV(or SUV?) and Abby and I were jakuning at her cool video thingie on the dashboard(?) that has some cool GPRS(?) system that shows the map of Japan and a camera behind the car when you reverse. Hopefully all Malaysian cars will have that in 10 years' time or less. After that the driver picked Jian Yung and Melody up before proceeding back to Chien's place to pick Chien and her mum up.

It was a fun ride there, talking about Melody's mafia family(apparently her ancestors are buddies with Yap Ah Loy) and the weird traditions at chinese funerals. Not to mention that 7th day belief. Very creepy.

Side tracking for awhile, this is my new set of Sandylion Stickers I bought from Memory Lane on Tuesday after my biology paper at Pyramid when I went to have lunch with Esther and Su-Hsien at KimGary's.

School themed!!

One for the sticker album!

The drive down to good ol' KL.

Poor Liss was already waiting for us at since 9am and she called us at 9.30am+ to hurry us and to complain about the baby cockroaches around. -_-". We reached Sg.Wang at 12noon and the first stop was Vincci. Wasn't really amazed at Vincci's new additions despite my 7 weeks away from them. Nose gets me more excited. I don't know why.

Melody puts the MEL in Imelda.

This was taken from inside my changing room.
l-r: Abby, Hsien and Liss.

A white spaggeti dress wth pink flowers .. looks like a tube dress doesn't it? :D It's good that I brought my camera. To take pictures of dresses I cannot afford(physically, financially, mentally) to buy as of yet.

The bra I was wearing with the new halter that Chien and hsien got for me from Padini was SO uncomfortable, so I decided to go 'free&easy' as usual and the lot of us went into Watson's to purchase our necessities. I bought my nipple sticker which is just your average surgical tape, but it works well for me:). Next on my list would be to purchase a pair of adhesive bra. Silicon packed, no straps(meaning no support..oh well) and sticky to boot. <3 <3.

Glittery Hair mascara in SASA!! Only RM18. Think I'll get it the next time I'm there. Was sneakily swiping streaks onto Liss' and Abby's hair. Took out my camera to snap a few pictures in the shop and was scolded by this stupid sales assistant. I politely smiled and said, "Sorry ar, sorry!" and she didn't reply my smile. :( :(. I'm not happy with that..~!

Sungei Wang looks quite messy come to think of it. But it's so full of things, that the whole point of going to Sg. Wang is to slowly sift through the throngs of clothes racks and trinklet baskets finding that "got-feel" purchase. Most of you girls will know what I'm going on about. When you see that certain top, you can't just BUY it, you need to have a FEEL for it. You need to have a wanting for it that when you look at it an hour later, you can heave a happy sigh. Now THAT is feel.

At about 2.00pm, we demanded lunch and guess where we ended up? Kim Gary! Again! It was so packed though. We took turns lining up and shopping and lining up and shopping.

Kim Gary,Sg. Wang. Ugly shot.

We finally found a place and at one of the comfy booths too!
l-r: Mel and Chien. Notice how prominent her brown streaks are?! How can you have naturally brown streaks?!

l-r: Mel,Chien and Liss

l-r: Abby, Hsien and Myself

I think Kim Gary is one of the best places to sit and gossip with friends during lunch/dinner.

Mel's french toast with honey, butter and peanut butter! We had that the day before too at Pyramid. *groan*

My Soup Noodle with Chicken bits and preserved vegetable. Don't like the preserved vegetable though. The rest was okay! Not too bad.

After a hearty meal, we resumed our shopping frenzy.

One of my greater loves; Earrings!! My god, cheap cheap cheap earrings. 3.90, 4.90, 5.90.. 15% off on earrings above RM5. I bought two pairs from this place.

A top that reminded Chien of a dinosaur.

Baa-di-ya.. dancing in September..Baa-di-yaa.. Never was a rainy day..*boogies*

Actually there was a nicer pose when they were all bending over applying their lippies and lip gloss. Hehehe.. stupid girls don't want to hold the pose for me.

Went into this place called Seduce or something like that. Hehehe, I tried on this RM200 corset and it could hardly zip all the way(half zipped) but just for the heck of taking a picture. ;) Hahaha.. and yes, it comes along with boobs.

Ah!!! The more I look at this top the more I want it. It gives the illusion of a longer torso which I want and it's got that twisted bit in front and it ties to the back like a tube but it also holds up like a halter. However, for a Sg.Wang top, it's RM44. Abit of a rip-off for a top if you ask me. But I've thought the matter over. FEEL is stronger than FINANCIAL RESTRICTION. Law of shopping: F>FR ..hahaha!
Chien's heading to Sg. Wang tomorrow and I've already printed a picture of this top for her to see so that she can get it for me! However it's a bloody M, they don't have it in L. But it's oklar..I really like it! I showed the picture to my classmates this morning and Miss Quek(my chemistry teacher) was looking on also and asked, "What's competition is that?" and I was like, "Huh?! Haha, nolah, teacher, it's a changing room." She must've saw the red curtains...hahahaha. "Then so fast getting ready for prom already ar?!" and I was like, "hahaha, teacher!! Nolah!! Where got wear like that to prom wan!" LOL!!

Hehehe, taking advantage of the red curtain. We all look weird though.
l-r: Abby, Me, Liss.

Statement Shirts!!!!!!!!!! The shirts are damn funny. Liss was getting worried for me because she said that I was just staring at the ceiling(that's where the t-shirts were) and smiling and laughing. At the left side of the picture you can see a range of keychains hanging....disgusting key chains at that. There was one of a breast with a hole in the middle of a nipple and when you squeezed it, white slime would come out from the hole! If you think that's bad, get this: An ass, with a hole beneath. You'd think shit right? When you see where the hole is located, it hardly resembled an anus, and when you press the bumcheeks, white slime would come out. Even for my standard, I was very disgusted. There was an alien with holes in his face and green slime that popped out when you pressed his head.

On to more shops!

Hsien tried on loads of dresses and I made her take this picture. Teehee!;D I love the little chandelier. It adds that classy look to the picture. Plus the red carpet!

Sg. Wang is LALA Heaven. It's in these shops that you can get a good buy and at some shops you can even get a bargain! A few months back when I went with Chien, I managed to get my white transparent bag for RM29.00 from RM30.00. Not too bad, considering how paiseh I am when it comes to this. But I'm getting the hang of it.

Chinese bags meant something to me awhile bag. It's novelty is running out on me. But it depends.

Famous Amos' Ice-cream!! *Salivate*

8th Avenue is this chinese shop that sells all kinds of chinesey stuff from cushion cover to chinese pyjamas. I love this place. It's so affordable. You'll never believe what I bought from there.

See the price tag? RM18. 0_0. SO CHEAP..
This is the ancient chinese camisole..that is just damn sexy(not to mention slutty). I bought a slutty looking white one. Hahahaha. I can wear it with a jacket or a blazer. And just pose in front of the mirror and put it back into my wardrobe. -_-".

LALA galore!! Shorts at RM8.90!? Perfect for Langkawi, but unfortunately they were not short enough. Really nice place with cheap cheap clothes.Mel and I need some "serious" clothes, such as tailored shirts(RM17.90!!) and stuff since she might be doing her internship at Seventeen and I'll be doing an attachment at Sunway Medical in December..therefore, I have no choice, but to buy clothes. *nods grimly*

I like buying cheap funky clothes because they are not at all timeless and you don't wear them often and chances of it falling apart is slim. So, don't judge me! Cheap=Larger quantity.

Me and my purchases.. it was already dark out when we ended our shopping trip at 7.30pm. Our feets were killing us. But it didn't matter, shopping is so fun!

One of Mel with abit of the KL lights.

It's a cake, which I think looks like Tugu Negara at Lake Garden.

It's a wedding cake shop! Naturally Chien was drawn to it like a bee to honey.

I've always felt happy looking at this corner because it always meant that I'm out in KL having a great time, away from books.

A random shot with one of the twin towers and the hustle and bustle of the evening crowd.

We took the monorail back to KL Sentral and then the LRT to Kelana Jaya where Kevin and Chun Meng were waiting for us to go for dinner at William's. The poor boys(the rest who were at William's) were so nice as to wait for us for dinner. When I took this shot, Hsien said, "Jo, I don't know you!".
*Suddenly notices something in the picture* EH! EH! I thought there's no intimacy allowed on KTMs,LRTs and Monorails? Isn't the fine like RM500?? Look at the girl in pink and the guy in white. I have evidence. ;P

Poor Liss had to go back alone because her parents wanted her home for dinner. She was on the other side of the,tracks.

Even I know how to feel embarassed about using flash in an LRT. That's Hsien posing for me. Thank you, Hsien.

We arrived safely at the LRT station in Kelana Jaya, feeling better getting away from the other commuters(very crowded) and met up with Kevin and Chun Meng. When Kevin saw me, he said, "Hi ! How are you? Your front has shrunk!" To which I promptly replied, "That's because I'm not wearing a bra. Easier to shop. No restrictions." It's true, wouldn't want my bra to be exposed to the rest of the world as the halter is abit loose behind and the bra band keeps riding up.. so yeah, I was like, fuck it, and slapped on the nipple stickers(surgical tapes). But Kevin's greeting was still damn funny. Not offending. Funny.

When I fished out my camera from my bags, the rest were like, "AIYOH, PUT IT AWAY LA.." so I had to use night vision to capture these shots. :(
l-r: Hsien, Chien, Barry and E-Guy.

l-r:Kay Hong, Kwo Kuang, Nigel and Chun Guan's arm.

l-r: Chun Meng and Abby

l-r: Me and Mel.
Chun Meng said his hands were shivering when he took this shot because he was disgusted at my biting-the-fork pose. :(

That's Kevin in orange at the far end. We try to make this a habit, this dinner thing. It's good we ate at Williams though. Why, all the more money to go shopping again with, my dear. It's better than going to some high-flying restaurant ala Valentines' Day(but it WAS Valentine's and paying RM50 for our meals. Heartache. Heartache. Or paying RM50 for karaoke at Redbox for no reason. Heartache.

So sweet right?!! Chun Meng cutting Abby's food for her. Hahahahaha.

Bad Chun Guan don't want to take picture with me.

So loving right? And his expression is so adorable, so intensely concentrating on swirling her fettucini onto her fork for her.

Soon after, Chin Ju and Chooi Chuan arrived. He was making funny sign languages at Kevin who was seated about 8 seats away from him about how he doesn't have a smoke with him because it's not right to smoke here, as he shouldn't be smoking, because of some complex reasons.. and all this with motions of his hands.

l-r:NIgel and Chun Guan.

l-r:Mel and Chooi Chuan

There was a cockroach on the floor and we tried to fit all our feets on the metal bar.
l-r: Mel's Brand New Puma, My Nose Flats, Abby's Shopping Flats.

Kay Hong cut his hair. He decided to go for the good boy look for prom. He's been asking me whether he should have the bad boy cut or good boy cut for prom for a few months now.

Me posing with my new earrings which are the same colour as William's cup.

Kwo Kuang also so bad.. but it looks like I'm shaking him eh? hahaha

Hsien, who doesn't know I took this picture. Heeeeheeehee.

We met Jocelyn and Smalls there. They conveniently converted me into their Jedi Hood.. which I'm still not quite sure what it is until now. I am apparently Jedi Jo and we will be meeting up at Chien's house for a session of light saber fun. Right.
clockwise from l-r: Chooi Chuan, Smalls, Chien, Me and Jocelyn.

Reached home nearly at 11pm and unloaded my purchases from the bag. I meant to blog last night but was too tired...

I bought this top for RM12.90, not allowed to try though. It fit me, but it's abit snug at the sleeves. Which is alright because it is pretty stretchable. I love the hole at the back. *naughty smile*

Ah, a nice and simple white tailored shirt. To replace my poor Padini one that I out grew(buttons bursting at the chest. Ahem.). Only Rm19.90!! Not bad right?!

A mini skirt. Fitted perfectly. It's RM25, which I felt was abit too much for a LaLa piece. So I asked the lady if it was alright I brought it down to RM20. She said no. But since I quite liked it, I took it anyway. I went to the cashier and he looked at the skirt and just typed RM20.00 into the till. Hahahaha. YAY. It's either he's very nice or he's getting old. Same thing happened to Melody when she bought her shoes last week. Hehe.

After coming out of the monorail, I realized I've lost one of my earrings. It's so saddening as it was one of my most favourite earrings because it was just so me. Even my braces are in the same colour co-ordinations.

If any of you find the other half in any of the changing rooms in Sg. Wang, please tell me.

On the brighter side, I now have two new earrings. But I still like the one I lost alot.

OOH-er!! This is the chinese camisole I bought from 8th Avenue. hahahaha. Isn't it damn slutty?!!?

I put on my old Interact BOD blazer with the camisole inside. Don't mind the shorts. Hehehe, I will think of where I can wear it too.

I think I'll get a denim jacket.

As I was uploading the rest of the pictures into my shutterfly account, I received an sms.

:) Indeed, Chien, indeed.

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 5:34:20 pm

November 29, 2004   04:14 PM PST
soph: coz prob it was a weekday ma!

leech: no prob!!:) just take the ktm from subang, to KL Sentral..then take the Monorail at KL Sentral(which is across the road) .. take the monorial to Jalan Bukit Bintang's monorail, and Sg.Wang is right there!:)

heheheh thanks!! and yes...!!:) where's the happy feeling when you're only holding one miserable paper bag? tsk tsk..!
November 28, 2004   12:03 PM PST
Chun Meng's name is Daniel. Nice shopping. Hmm how come Sg Wang looks so empty?
November 28, 2004   12:03 PM PST
Chun Meng's name is Daniel. Nice shopping. Hmm how come Sg Wang looks so empty?
November 27, 2004   07:58 PM PST
hahah.. it's him.. i know him from church. kekek.. i thought he looked like the guy from church. but wasn't too sure.. kekeke..
November 27, 2004   05:57 PM PST
c: DANIEL!!!..i vaguely remember something like that. hm..

sush: hahaha.."Pound".. hahahaha can't stop laughing. Can still remember the last time you pounded me for taking a picture of you doing a secret ballet dance..LOL LOL LOL LOL
November 27, 2004   04:45 PM PST
joooo....i am gonna pound you for the pic that you took without me knowing. *grin*
November 27, 2004   07:32 AM PST
eh.. does he go to KL wesley methodist? or.. something.. his christian name is Daniel if i haven't forgotten.
November 27, 2004   01:16 AM PST
meldee: sure got enough moolah to last us through?:)

kyle: glad to provide you reference;)

liss: hahaha shud have just gotten it. u knew he'd like it. ^_^

sush: i didn't know! 0_0
November 27, 2004   12:31 AM PST
hehe. yes, chun meng has a christian name. same church as Tanya.
haha. thanks Kyle. tried on sooo many gorgeous dresses. wanted to buy 2 of 'em. sigh.
November 26, 2004   02:09 AM PST
barry,i wanted to get u the chick with her come for ur bday!
but didnt la,if not i wouldnt hav said anything
should i be regretting not getting it?
kyle the GREAT
November 26, 2004   12:56 AM PST
wow so fun.... hsien looks SO tall in d dress... like model... hehehe erm.... i m salivating at d site of d chocolate cake.... MYFUTURE WEDDING CAKE!!!
November 26, 2004   12:10 AM PST
*hugs all shopping friends in glee*
i am quite happy but also quite unhappy. should have bought the skirt. and the tailored white top. *grump* but there's always next week..hehe..
November 25, 2004   11:57 PM PST
c: no wor? he wasfrom SMSJ though:) stays in USJ5.. hope that helps!!
yala, it's quite messy.. if you're not in the mood can easily get a headache.

barry: hahahha dun understand?**anaconda moment**... hehehe yeah, come we go there and press the bums to see the disgusting cum.:D
November 25, 2004   10:05 PM PST
holy mutha!! look at the pic with nigel and chun guan! it's the RING!!! NIGEL'S GOING TO DIE IN SEVEN DAYS!!!
couldn't think of anything else to say.
oh yeah, wow sg wang has new shops. i want to visit bullshit.
November 25, 2004   08:14 PM PST
ermm.. you know your fren Chun meng. does he have a christian name? erm.. cuz he really looks like someone i know.

mm.. i really should go to sg. wang and shop. but the thing is.. i can't stand the disorder and the amount of ppl there..

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