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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Remember the Crapbook?

After I walked out of the cinema(watched Stepfords' Wifes), I immediately thought of an entry for the girls. Then I was brought back to a nicer thought, perhaps more of a memory, that if it was at least 3 years back, this would've gone straight into the crapbookTM.:)

It was this "exclusive book" that we passed around and doodled and scribbled in cheering each others' days up with. Sometimes we even fought over it. LOL.

The first edition of the crapbook belonged to me and it basically contained drawings of the latest fashion we want, heart-to-heart talks but spilled upon paper, drawings of our pets, drawings of girls we despise(just ABIT like the Burn Book in Mean Girls) and good lucks for exams, list of cute guys(and the reason WHY they are cute ie. floppy hair, hot body etc etc). Oh and don't forget, OUR "LOVE LIVES". As we grew older, our designs got better, and we even started to cut out stuffs from magazines to illustrate our points! So fun!

Yes, yes, so any of you boys who wanted to know what you *really meant* to Me, Melody, Esther, Abby, Amanda, Su-Chien, Mun Teng, Su-Hsien, Melissa, Min Dee, She Dee during 2001-mid 2003, will find it in the crapbooks. Hahaha. The occasional dabblers would be Li Peng and V-ng Yan, who hardly wrote. So what are you waiting for,boys? BUY ALL 6 EDITIONS OF THE CRAPBOOK NOW! ONLY FOR RM(priceless).00!! .... *stops talking when realizes the room fell silent*

Hahaha. I know ONE guy who doesn't mind being mentioned and who was mentioned frequently in our crapbook. JOSHUA TAN KENG WAH. Ahahahaha. The rest are not supposed to be mentioned due to unforseen circumstances. :P

We used to have something similiar to the "daddy'K'tions" and "mummy'k'tions" that you would find in juvenile autograph books.. but this was more like,

Jo: ouch, that must've hurt.
Mel: give it time.
She dee: sure got no guy?
esther: u also! faster find a guy.
chien: How's it going with..%#*(^%$#**^
etc.. get my drift.:)

I especially love the segments where I would predict how these girls would respond to in a certain situation.

I had one about "the sounds we might make when in labour" and another one "the types of mothers we might become".

LOL. The cute one was the mothers one. It was just after we did that string and ring thing to predict how many kids Mel would have. Turns out that she would get TEN GIRLS!! .. So I wrote..

Mel: Please don't visit Melody during chinese new year. Pokai sial!
And a few others would be..

Abby: She'll probably don a sundress and tell her kids "Don't be notti ya or not later mummy beat beat" whilst making cake. (but after knowing her for nearly 5 years, it's safe to say that she'll probably be the first to misplace her kids.*sigh*)

..and more.:) I need the books back to recall them all!!!!.. Edition one is with me, but currently in the hands of my cousin Shevie(who plans to initiate crapbooks in SriKL), the second edition belongs to amanda, third is with esther/su-hsien, fourth is DEFINITELY with Melody(loved that one so much, had all our baby pics in it), 5th must be with Abby and the 6th is with me, but was bought by Melissa. :)

That's why, tonight, I have this bit of Stepford's Wifes thing to add.

Amanda would probably be the first to be turned into a Stepford wife by her underdog husband. She's the type you'd know who'd be the CEO of some high-flying company and don black black black. Ok, maybe in her hey-days(now) she might have some pink on.:)

Melody I can tell,  is genetically programmed to be a Stepford's Wife(minus the listening to husband bit). But she, will also be turned into one, no doubt.:)

Mun Teng would LOVE to be a Stepford's Wife as long as the husband is rich and handsome and it's best that the husband is a grandchild of either Lim Goh Tong/Yeoh Tiong Lay.(in her own words!)

Esther probably has a 50% chance of being turned into a Stepford's Wife due to her easily-pissed-off attitude. :) But I can hardly see her as one to scrub the tables. She's like me la. Hahaha.

Su-Hsien, hard to say, but she also has a high chance of being turned into a Stepford's Wife as she is also an ambitious woman.

Abby? She definitely has the looks of a Stepford's Wife. hahaha. Don't worry dear, you're not blonde. She doesn't seem the type who will overpower the husband. *pats Chun Meng on the back*

Chien.. chien.. OBVIOUSLY SHE'S SHOWING SIGNS OF BEING A STEPFORD'S WIFE. SOMEONE SHUT DOWN HER PROGRAMME!! (nooo..or not we would not have smoothies, chocolate cakes or hygiene lectures anymore).

Min Dee yes, yes, she'd probably be turned into a Stepford's Wife too since her husband would like to come home to some peace and quiet after a long day at the office. :P

Melissa? Honestly, I don't know. I can't put her into either category. To say that she would be a husband-nagger doesn't sound right, and to say that she's the ideal homemaker doesn't sound right either. LOL. Well, this IS the same girl who thought that my door to my wardrobe was the door out of my room.

She Dee, ah, this girl's husband won't turn her into a Stepford's Wife. :) She'll gladly take good care of him and the kids.

I'll add Li Peng and V-ng Yan because they too were once CrappersTM..:P

Li Peng will probably be turned into a Stepford's Wife on her own accord after a few years on the corporate circuit that's for sure. :) She's one who'll cook and scrub when cooking and scrubbing is needed.

V-ng Yan will DEFINITELY be turned into a Stepford's Wife due to her cynical outtake on life. LOL. She can be 'very nice' to people that she despises. Watch out for her! MeoWr!:D That's why, her husband will sense it after a few years of marriage and send her to be brainwashed too!

There you go! That's all my best girls and their Stepford-wifes-ness tendency/potentials.

LOL what about me eh? (I've had it with the hamsap comments. no more! I'm a changed person! ahem!)

Was just having a chat with Su-Hsien just now.. she wistfully speaks of her missed turn to own a crapbook. .. I came up with the idea for Crapbook Interactive, but she thinks having it in hand and paper would be good..

I don't know.. to me, without the enthusiasm from the rest of the girls, I just feel that it's a bygone era for me. Now, we have blogs!

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 3:05:54 am

October 18, 2004   03:11 PM PDT
esther: hahaha that's right. long gone.

mel: fear not woman for thou are not bimbotic enough. perhaps a bimbotic geek in the words of self-proclaimed Audrey Ooi!

hahaha.. a stepford wife .. a corporate woman who makes the husband feels very low..with a bigger income and all that..therefore the husband sends her to be brainwashed to be turned into a Stepford's Wife..who only cooks and cleans and be the perfect wife bla bla
October 18, 2004   01:03 PM PDT
*aaahh.. the crap book days. LOL. long gone. *sigh*
October 17, 2004   11:39 PM PDT
*long face* What do you mean, genetically programmed to be a Stepford Wife? Is that, like, good? or bad? *scratch head* Am I, like, a bimbo?

LOL. Yeahh...oh gawd I so miss those crapbook days...*sigh sigh sigh* Will Blog about it soon and maybe ad some interesting snippets also :) That will not piss anyone off, of course. LOL.

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