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Thursday, August 12, 2004

U-turn Banshee

Hello, I'm just done crying my eyes out to my entire family in Subang Jaya. But I have to say thanks to everyone of them for showing me their utmost concern.

I was fetching my brother to MCD's in Taipan just now and just as I was about to do a u-turn on the road that leads to the traffic lights situated next to MPSJ, there was this stupid blue satria that was also doing a u-turn in the opposite direction. I was pretty sure the other cars weren't coming too near. So I went. And I 'makan' the road too much, went into the third line. At the same time there was this black iswara that was heading towards me.. (apparently quite fast, according to my brother). In order to avoid me, he swerved to the left, which was the curb. So there was a loud screech and he kept horning at me. I didn't know that the entire situation involved me.. so I just drove on a few metres to a traffic light. There was a fork junction next to me and the guy got out of his car and put both his hands on the hood of my car and asked me to COME DOWN AND NEGOTIATE!!!.. I was so scared I didn't know what to do. I wanted to drive away but then he was holding onto my car. He was shouting at me to come down. I was so scared I started screaming and screaming and screaming. I just kept on screaming everytime he opened his mouth. Not screaming vulgarities. Just pure horrified screams. Like when you see a dead body type of scream? That type of scream. It just kept coming.. and coming.. I think I was hoping to scare him off ? But of course, in typical Jolene fashion, the waterworks were switched on full blast. My brother was calling my mum, who in turn called almost all the relatives in Subang Jaya. My cousin Kwan Hoong and his mum, Adeline, my uncle alex, my grandfather, grandmother, my cousin Hong Weng(who was at PJ at that time) and of course, my father.

He came to the side of my window and tapped on it lightly, but still looked quite fierce. Then I meekly winded down the window since I had not much choice left. I was not going to do a runner and do a car chase. That'd be the end of me. Miraculously my car didn't even touch his car. But he was making such a big fuss. So we pulled over at USJ11.. and he called two of his friends over. His car license plate read www.vinod.com at the bottom. Anybody familiar? Then my grandfather and grandmother arrived. My grandfather, not one to hold his temper, started asking me not to cry and suggested that we report to the police. I know that if it was my granddad who was negotiating with the guy, everything would be worse. But he just kept mumbling something about "haiyah, claim insurance la!!" while walking around without looking at the indian guys. I was still crying like a mad woman. Then my uncle Alex called me on the handphone and wanted to negotiate with the guy. Apparently, he "trusted" me so we were supposed to exchange numbers. But the thought of forking out for the cost was what made me cry somemore. And what my father would have done to me when he got home. After that my aunty Adeline and cousin Kwan Hoong(he's studying in seafield) came to my aid. My father arrived half an hour later and he negotiated with my dad till they settled on RM500. His rim was abit knocked, and his "honda lights" were cracked and his number plate was loose. He wanted RM700+RM500 for the lights AND the rim. I mean with stories of Darren Kang and the lady who got rolled over by an angry driver ... we don't want to take risks now do we? I had another cousin coming to my rescue, Cousin Hong Weng who was at that time working in PJ..but arrived too late and went to my house to check on me. I feel so grateful and bad that he had to brave the jam and come all the way.

I still had to drive all the way home.

His rim...

His slightly detached number plate. (my grandfather's sexy legs in the reflection)

His "honda lights" in his iswara. Cracked.

My grandfather, not looking happy.

Me still crying(i think).. cousin brother kwan hoong in yellow..granddad leaning against the car, and grandmother in red and aunty Adeline in white.

Scary guy and a friend(who looks like Fabian of Hitzfm.)

Close up.

My car unscratched.

He called two of his friend.. his gang. I called my whole family. My gang.

I went back and dad just spoke to me nicely about whether I learnt my lesson.. and I stayed over at Chien's house that night. to help her make muffins for the SPA carnival. This afternoon while I was doing my physics experiment, Dad called me and asked me if I am feeling better and whether I had any nightmares. I tell you, it was pretty traumatic. Pray that I won't be in any scary situations like this ever again.

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 8:05:19 pm

August 17, 2004   04:26 AM PDT
i am fine:) thank you ..! so many days passed already.much better:) gracias.
August 16, 2004   11:16 PM PDT
are you ok now? take care alright?
August 15, 2004   03:05 PM PDT
er.. *shrugs* heh. well, my impression is, he's not really those goody-two-shoes kind. ;) then again, to each, his/her own. :)
August 14, 2004   04:24 PM PDT
liz: is he an alright person in school?


..yalor yalor..WHAT Also cannot think..ahaha... thanks for the concern:) ... yes, i've learnt my lesson.
August 14, 2004   04:09 PM PDT
and btw right, if he's driving a bloody iswara (im driving an iswara too), his freaking lights doesn't cost *that* much laa!!! -_- next time, if anything like this should happen agn (thought, touch wood! we dont want any of these anymore) tell the fella to send his car to YOUR mechanic. im sure your dad has connections and will somehow get it cheaper. not that freaking 500 bucks. -_- then again, easier said than done. when you're in that situation.. WHAT also cannot think. *pats* lovee yaa girl! *huggsiee* thank God you're safe. and no one's hurt. :)
August 14, 2004   04:07 PM PDT
yes yes yes! vinod from seafield!!! one yr older than us. >_<

*huggles you tight* 'sokay jo! ive gotten into shits before also. :)
August 14, 2004   12:13 AM PDT
Physical injuries? yeah.. their car and my car.... mentally yeah~! from some scoldings i faced from the driver.. i learnt to drive more carefully though i m still reckless..
August 13, 2004   10:23 PM PDT
oh..oh.... haih..still freaked out.
August 13, 2004   10:11 PM PDT
viper? smsj? sounds like sudesh.

but no, this is vinod, kawan of cheryl and meesh, iaitu kawan saya.
and he's from seafield if not mistaken.
August 13, 2004   09:02 PM PDT
i knew it. i SOMEHOW knew it Sarah would know this guy. WHY did I have this feeling??
was he a guy from smsj..? did he help out in our IU in 2001? was his icq nickname viper?? dunno why, i just have this feeling.

elaine:... hmm...........the rim there believable lor.... all also about curb height.
August 13, 2004   08:52 PM PDT
er, kays i think i know this vinod. friend of a friend. :p

hope you're all better now dear.
August 13, 2004   08:27 PM PDT
fuh! i panicked till i couldn't talk...but ar..thinkagain ar...if u banged him realy that bad ar...u can feel the impact rite? or if u didn't, the curb where got so high wan...? he's trying to claim money to modify his car more la...and who ask him to drive so fast?? it's housing area mar!
August 13, 2004   07:33 PM PDT
jillie: thanks.:) i'll try. although i'm still a lousy P... haih.
will do. will do.

mellie: awww..thanks..:).. go see his pic la. dunno whether it's him or not.

elaine: was it scary?

ruth:.. tak pe takpe..:) thanks anyway. why so late no license?
August 13, 2004   07:25 PM PDT
meldee: :) thank you so much. i feel better now.

deBun: thank you thank you.:) tok to u enuff liao in class..ahhaa. will do ur nails for u when i have the chance:)

Zz: really? physical injuries?.. :( i know, but me small woman, he big man, i feel scared la sure.. but i'm better now. thanks.
August 13, 2004   02:16 PM PDT
poor gurl..hehe, i banged into a wira's back once...luckily my coll fren was there to negotiate and pushed the blame to the wira driver >.<blek
August 13, 2004   08:36 AM PDT
Poor Jo... *hugs*

Anyway, when you said Vinod, I thought it was my Sem 6 IMU senior who goes to ACTS church, but after visiting the site, I found that it wasn't. *phew* Anyway, the Vinod I know drives a yellow pickup. =P
August 13, 2004   04:14 AM PDT
arghh! luckily nothing happened to you! now be a law-abiding driver!

btw, don't ever drive on emergency lanes, people... P can kena gantung, my friend kena!
August 13, 2004   01:50 AM PDT
Dun worry too much.. at least there is no lives lost and not damge rite?

Not wat i suffered.. few damages each time.. having one worst than the othereach time.. so just chill k? have a good nite sleep and u ll forget about it soon

Sometimes u just need to learn driving from accidents.. minor one tht is.. just more careful lorr next time!! cheer up~!
August 12, 2004   11:38 PM PDT
hey jolene, don't worry too much.. it's ok now
don't even think about it ok! i know how it feels.. coz.. ahha.. i almost kena that.. so don't worry ok?:???
August 12, 2004   09:03 PM PDT
OMG...*huge hugs and never lets go*

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