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Sunday, March 28, 2004

"We will be dining in the skies.."...*swOoNs*

Ah..finally our presentation is complete and can be presented in front of the (less than 20%) LAN class! It went well but Chien said that we probably should only have one person presenting and she said Rudi would've been able to hold it for the entire presentation. After us was this super-chinese educated dude who pronounced english words in bahasa baku. Euthanasia would be ew-tah-na-seah...and afraid would be er-fet...ooo.. dead would be det. But damn, their points were good.

Later in the day, Esther came to pick me and She Dee to go over to Chien's house for dinner! Chien's parents were away (China) so she decided to cook us some really good food! After lepaking around with Su-Hsien, Esther, Chien and She Dee for an hour or so..("SHE SUCKS MAN.. YALA THAT KIND OF GIRL ALSO GOT ONE..") Su-Hsien and Esther went out to get Melody who finished classes at 6.00..(the poor baby!) and She Dee and I dived into Chien's comfy tvroom to watch the last episode of HOMECOMING (SoOOobBBb)...  in the end everyone's dream came through.. I wish they would explain how Douglas Lim managed to become a big time hotel manager in the end. haih.. OOOOO.. another Douglas Lim trivia.. apparently he and his gf have been together sinc 1995/6..!! Hell..! that's like when I just started PRIMARY school..lol! *gasp* even before KOPITIAM started they've been together..!! wow.. Oi douglas.. better get married?

By the end of homecoming, chien was setting the table up for us and she even folded us nice looking napkins that resembled bunnies from far.. but they were actually flowers. I see.. i see.

Then melody, esther and hsien arrived about 8 because of the horrible jam. Alas it was time for dinner.. Chien brought out her most wonderful and delish carbonara..
Chien, our favourite host..


CAn you believe it? Su-Chien didn't want to join us for dinner!!

After dinner, before the guys arrived, Hsien and Chien popped back to Hsien's place to get more sparkling juice. Whereelse Esther and I entertained Melody and She Dee with the story of "a girl"(who is very well know for her almighty sluttiness) who tried to hold a close guy friend(ours'!)'s hand. The moment is gone to discuss the hilarity(?) of it now. But it was so funny that Esther ended up like this.

It's probably the sparkling juice that got us so mAd..*hIc* .. BriNg On S'More ..*hiC*
(high level of sugar replacing the absence of alcohol)

Then Melody and I re-enacted a scene from SOMEONE'S (ahem ahem)!!) testimonial from his SOMEONE(ed).

....counting the waves...1..2..3..oh i love youU WeeetaRtt!..4...5...6.."

Melody and I wanted to be stupider by pretending to slug straight from the sparkling juice bottle for Esther's camera. I wanted to join in the fun naturally.. Mel took the empty bottle first and I reached over to the next bottle and immediately tipped it over my open mouth(at least 30cm away). HOW WOULD I KNOW THAT THE BOTTLE WAS ONLY HALF EMPTY?? LOL.. This was what happened to Esther again..

..Melody had too much of sparkling juice too. Chill woman..chill..

After dinner, E-guy, Kwo-Kuang and Kay Hong arrived together and soon Abby and Amanda came along.

(l-r): E-Guy, Chun Meng and Chun Guan

(l-r): Yijin and Amanda

Hisham oF Khidmat NegaRa...


Above l-r: Kwo Kuang, Me(trying to lick Yijin's head)
L-R: E-guy(apa sal bird?), Yijin, Kay Hong(not handsome here, hmph!)

Half way through drinks, I felt a toe caressing my toe... then the nearest person to me was E-Guy and I looked up at him and gave him a questioning look.. then he was like, "OH! It's you ar?" then I was like, "You think what? Table leg ar??".. lol..and then he said, "YALOR..!" haiyo. Apparently Chun Guan was looking on (at our interacting toes) and well he, sigh, just imagine the look on his face lar. Can't describe. But that was the punchline actually. The look on his face.

All of us who were there..!

Su-Chien's infamous chocolate fudge cake

After that  before we left, Chien asked a favour from the guys to help move her car away .. because of her dog scratching it because of some cats taunting them or something. But then the whole process took nearly HALF an hour because the guys couldn't locate the bloody handbrake..

Ooooo..lol, apparently, to be initiated into our gang.. the particular person had to be smacked in the ass by the Jolene Lai..lol.. that applied to CHUN MENG apparently. So I chased him around the whole house (hell, he was damn scared)..lol .. with Amanda following closely with the camera..... hahahaha.. there you go..

How could I have forgotten not to tell you?? .. I got reminded by reading Mel's blog..lol.. thanks Mel... I can't even recall THAT much. I suppose that Gangster Su-Hsien beat the memory out of me already..
The story is like that.. Hsien and Abby went to Chien's lobby(living room area) to try and recall some ballet-ish moves ...then Melody and I damn gelabah wanna sneak up on them to take their pictures.. hee hee hee...then the flashlight went off and Su-Hsien came into the dining room screaming, "JOLENE LAI DELETE THAT PICTURE.....!!!!!!!!!" The banshee screams somemore, "JOLENE LAI I'M WARNING YOU...!!" ... then I just crouched down on the ground and clutched on to the camera.. with her prying my fingers away from the camera.. then she started slapping my back and kicking me like a dog..lol.. I couldn't stand the pain anymore and passed the camera to that mafia woman. Damn scary man her reaction.

Ohmigod.. kevin's mother just called me up to asked me where he is right now. kevin, why?!

Jayelle's back and neck ached at 12:40:41 am

March 28, 2004   09:50 PM PST
yea..:) it's been too short. :) we just had fun weeks ago. sigh. we so need to start studying. *moans*
March 28, 2004   09:01 PM PST
It seems you had fun... LOL.
March 28, 2004   07:48 PM PST
ohmigod..! forgot to put that in!
March 28, 2004   05:57 PM PST
ahnhaha.....love the pics gurl! sorree again for smacking you damn hard........ :P.
March 28, 2004   09:39 AM PST
u HANTU! lolZ! nice pics! ;)
March 28, 2004   01:05 AM PST

Love the pix, enough said!!

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